The Bachelorette Episode Six Recap! – Here for the Drama

This was a pretty standard episode after the whirlwind that was Clare. Tayshia appears to be a bachelorette that listens to the producers. We love Tayshia. She is so classy, her chemistry and energy with everyone is palpable. Her outfits are so cute. What more could viewers ask for!

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti from “Bachelor in Paradise”  hosted group date at the beginning of the episode. The date was called the “grown ass man challenge.” This is certainly the weirdest triathlon I’ve ever seen, but it starts with a math and spelling test, followed by a game of tug of war and then a competition of who can bring Tayshia breakfast in bed the best.  Bennett gets like every answer wrong in the trivia portion, but he still wins. He parades around in a robe with his manly chest hair sticking out. Hot?  

Ed wins man baby. He holds it for the next 24 hours. Kinda funny. 

Here for the Drama

I enjoy The Bachelorette more than the Bachelor because man drama is just so funny. Hearing their digs at each other? The chicken legs comment from Chasen to Ed? The constant toeing the line of fist fighting and being civilized? It makes for great TV.  

Ed uses his time with Tayshia to talk about Chasen. Ed shut up. I have been telling you guys NOT to talk about the other contestants. There is absolutely no reason.

The Rose Ceremony

This is an incredible group. Even the men know. The men who are sent home tell Tayshia that she is lucky as they are leaving.  

I was surprised that Chasen, Ed, and Blake stayed.  Ma’am, you cannot have feelings for someone who calls you a “smoke show.”

Why would Blake get to stay? I am still thrown off by how in love he was with Clare. Like the other men just have such great chemistry and I do not see it happening between Blake and Tayshia!

Three men went home. They could be walking down the street and I would not know their names. I’m sorry to those men. 

Group Date

The group date is wrestling. Sure, let’s keep putting testosterone filled men in aggressive situations. Please do actually. I enjoy the drama. 

The winner of the wrestle mania will win time with Tayshia. Of course Chase and Ed are paired togther to fight

Ed forfeits his fight with Chasen. He said he had shoulder injuries and didn’t want to go to the hospital because we are in a pandemic.  Just fight harder dude. Just kidding, I would probably be scared too. 

Ed and Chasen are taking up so much time to talk about unnecessary drama. It was like loser on loser crime to me. Ed did make some points. Chasen is thirsty for Instagram followers for sure. I don’t really feel like Tayshia has feelings for either of them, but maybe the producers told her to keep them because BOTH stayed this week. 

A New Villain on ‘The Bachelorette’

RIP to Noah’s mustache. I don’t think the men need to hate Noah. I don’t think he’ll win, but I don’t hate him. If you’re cute with and without a mustache, you’re probably a good looking guy. Once again, there are so many front runners this week. I can’t choose my favorite, and I’m not sure how Tayshia will either!

I am still team Bennet, but I haven’t seen him really spend any quality time with Tayshia. Especially because he gives major John Paul Jones vibes. Hopefully this relationship plays out more. 

What did you think of the latest episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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