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‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 2 Recap: Here for the Wrong Reasons

Another week, another “Bachelorette” recap. This week, Katie tests the men to find out who her ideal lover would be, goes on a mud-wrestling group date, a one-on-one, and makes out with multiple men. We love to see it!

One thing we hate to see is how much the producers like men so much more than women. Tayshia (and Clare) had to film their season in the middle of a desert in the summer, and now Katie is in a different desert in the middle of winter! Girl is literally in a short dress with her teeth chattering out here in the harsh New Mexico weather. 

There is a lot of talk about people being here for the wrong reasons. This is always weird to me, because you could go on the show to get Instagram followers and end up falling in love. You could go on the show to fall in love and not like the person. Maybe you go with good intentions then gain a following on accident, like Zac. Zac was not a huge social media user before Tayshia. 

bachelorette recap

The First Group Date

Comedian Heather McDonald comes on to help Katie. At the beginning of the date, the men play some sex trivia.

Mike didn’t know any of the answers. Neither did I to be honest. Socks help with orgasms? 

Then, the men on the group date must go on stage to make a case for themselves that they would be Katie’s ideal lover.

Connor B. the cat/teacher/musician writes and performs a song.

Mike the virgin writes a heartfelt letter where he says that he would be the best lover because he has been saving himself for his future wife. This is touching to Katie, so he ends up winning. I mean, he honestly had to win because he was crying and opened up about something that means a lot to him. Not a huge fan of Mike personally, but that definitely took guts. No shade to virgins, but Katie is probably not the girl for you. 

Karl fumbled the bag. His delivery was terrible. Not a good episode for Karl. 

Justin made so many hilarious comments. Love him. 

Someone that I am just personally attracted to is the redhead, . 

The group rose went to Thomas. 

bachelorette greg

One-on-One With Greg

Greg is clearly a front runner in this competition. The people love him, and so does Katie. However, there are still some red flags. Greg has been very nervous and earnest so far. People IRL think that he could be on the show to gain fans. 

The two went “camping” together. They weren’t going to stay the night, but Greg had to pitch a tent. Hehe. Katie also taught him how to make a DIY toilet. It was a fun moment between the two. 

They had an emotional talk about their fathers who have both passed away. Katie shared stories about how she and her father used to go camping together. Greg let Katie talk to him about her dad. At dinner, he opened up about his own father’s passing. They make out, of course. 

Greg obviously gets a rose at the end of the date. By the end of the camping trip, I was enamored with Greg! They were matching, and hugging, and simply adorable together. 

I hope that this is a Jojo Fletcher and Aaron Rodgers type of love story and not one that ends terribly!

bachelorette recap

Mud Wrestling?!

Okay Bachelor Nation, wrestling is not a good date. How does this equate to falling in love? Katie watches the men wrestle in the mud. I wasn’t mad about the shirtless men, but why?! But I digress. 

Obviously, Cody and Aaron are paired against each other after their tussle in the first episode. The tension is palpable. We learn that the two knew each other before the show. Aaron says that he doesn’t like Cody because he is just not a good guy. 

Katie pulls Aaron away to ask why he and Cody appear to have so much tension between them. Aaron describes Cody as being “malicious” but doesn’t explain why. Eventually, Katie tries to talk to Cody to get to the bottom of things and he just doesn’t have a good defense, so she sends him home. Now, he is already verified on Instagram and has a very curated feed. Seems like Aaron was right!

John was so cute. He is a pretty scrawny bartender from Santa Cruz, and he just is not the fighting type, but he is super cute. I haven’t seen him and Katie have a deep connection, but he is one of my personal favorites. 

the bachelorette karl

Karl, Sit Down

Things get weird during cocktail hour. The men are just trying to talk to Katie, and Karl takes his time with her to say that there are men there who are not there for the wrong reasons. Duh, some of them might not be, but he has no one particular in mind. So, what was the point? Haven’t we learned not to talk about other people on this show? 

Thanks to Karl, we are stuck with a ‘to be continued’ and no rose ceremony. This was especially disappointing after the very classic first episode. 

Katie pulls Aaron aside because she trusts him now. Who would have thought after his weird behavior towards Cody in the first episode? She wants to know who he thinks isn’t here for the right reasons. He is as confused as everyone else about what Karl is talking about. 

The men question Karl, and he looks pretty dumb at this point. I almost feel bad for him, but he dug his own hole. He looks super guilty. I think the bubble is just a super stressful place, and he was trying to win points with Katie. It definitely backfired. 

By the end of the night, Katie is crying. She tells the men that if they aren’t there for her they should, “get the f**k out.” 

bachelorette recap

Make Out Central

I don’t think there has ever been a bachelorette who has made out with so many people so soon. 

She has a very deep talk with Andrew. The two discuss how they both grew up without a lot of money. They bonded over the struggles of hand-me-downs and thrift shopping instead of getting to buy new clothes. Then they made out. 

Katie also appeared to like Thomas. When they made out, he lifted her onto his lap! Very hot. I don’t trust Thomas, but it was hot. 

My sweetie Michael also gets some good talking time with Katie. Their making out was super intense too. 


Karl is going to explain to Katie that he knows he was wrong. He has to make it past this rose ceremony, because he is in the previews for the episode where Blake comes in. 

Greg is going to go very far. He might get exposed for something though. 

Thomas is for sure not a good guy. Don’t ask me why. 

I see Katie and Justin developing a good connection in future episodes. 

Not really a prediction, but stop choosing men from San Diego! They all know each other and party together. It is not a good pond to go contestant fishing in. 

Also, what is the reason that every picture of Katie on the internet sucks? 

Overall, I am loving Katie as the bachelorette way more than I expected. 

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