The Bachelorette Recap. Will Clare Finally Find Love?!

The Bachelorette made its long awaited return this week. After a two month postponement due to COVID, the show was able to film Bachelorette Clare Crawley, a veteran of the show. Clare is back despite not finding love on The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, twice, or The Bachelor Winter Games. She is the oldest bachelorette at 39 years old.

COVID Protocols

Before going to the mansion, Clare and all of the contestants were placed on lockdown. For some unknown reason Clare was put up at La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs. Like, why Palm Springs? The men also quarantined in Palm Springs. 

Everyone on the show had to be tested before and after being in quarantine. Once they got their final test results, they went outside like it was the first time they had ever seen the sun. Were they not allowed to go into their yards for the entirety of the two weeks? I mean, yeah, being quarantined for two weeks sucks, but they were a bit dramatic. 

I did enjoy seeing grown men jumping on a bed while filming themselves. It was funny. I’m glad they took precautions, but producers didn’t need to spend so much time showing them being stressed awaiting their tests. Obviously no one has COVID, otherwise they wouldn’t still be there. The whole thing was kind of a downer. I would like to enjoy my suspended disbelief that nothing has changed in the world. People want escapism, not a heavy dose of reality. 

Bachelorette Clare Crawley Talks To Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison sat down with Clare and had a very genuine talk. It was nice to see someone so well-spoken on the show. The two talked about her mom having dementia, and how difficult it has been for them to be apart. They also discussed a video that Clare’s father left for her before he died. She has not watched that video; she is saving it for when she gets married. 

Meeting The Men

This season showcased a much better group of men than has been seen in the past. Perhaps because Clare has been on the show so much they know she is picky AF. Most of the men were age appropriate for Clare, the youngest being 26.  Unlike past seasons, the men on this season have real grown-up jobs. There were anesthesiologists, lawyers, wealth management consultants, and multiple former pro athletes, of course. Not to mention, the guys were also very attractive. Maybe producers realized that after four times around, Clare would accept nothing less than the best.

Standouts And Letdowns

Some of the men were not so great. Tyler C. for example made the age old mistake of talking shit about one of the other contestants. He took some of his alone time with Clare to talk about how Yosef, 30, had been messaging a girl that he knew. Clare seemed disinterested with the whole ordeal and told the two she needed to spend more time with the other men. A mature bachelorette?

Some people stood out to me for all of the wrong reasons. Straight jacket guy? Why did this bitch wear a straight jacket the whole night? Kenny, 39 , who wore an adorable shirt with Clare’s dogs on it is a boy band manager, and it showed. Bennett the 38-year-old wealth management consultant, was perfect for a trophy wife, but he seemed a bit disingenuous. He did face masks and arrived in a Rolls Royce.

Blake Moynes, 29, was a favorite. He and Clare talked about the fact that he reached out to her via Instagram before the season. After her mother had been injured, Blake asked if Clare was doing well. She told him that it meant so much to her. They were the first couple to kiss. 

Eazy, 29, is my absolute favorite contestant. He had such a good attitude throughout the night, and a great sense of humor. Plus, his smile.


We’ve all heard the rumors that Clare is going to cut her season short because she found love. The producers took no measures to hide who it is. Dale is a 31-year-old former football player with dreamy eyes. After meeting Dale, Clare told Chris Harrison, “I definitely feel like I just met met husband.” He had to remind her that there were more men to meet. Clare and Dale had a conversation that seemed really meaningful to them. He even got the first impression rose. They made out. He’s hot. 

“With dale, everything else went dark around me” “I felt everything that I haven’t felt ever” 

What do you think will happen next? Will bachelorette Clare Crawley end up with Dale? Let us know in the comments!

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