The Best Fitness Influencers to Follow Right Now

If you’re looking to get in shape, drop everything you’re doing and follow these fitness influencers right now!

Alexis Ren - @alexisren

Not only are Alexis Ren’s ab & butt workouts on YouTube absolute fire, but she also came out with a new at-home workout challenge that you can find here for only $40 (and how could we refuse our bodies the opportunity to sculpt itself into a figure anything similar to that of Ren’s??): 

Chloe Ting - @chloe_t

The before and after results say it all – Chloe Ting’s programs work. Check out her website for access to her various workout programs, meal plans, fitness equipment/clothing and anything else you can imagine related to health and wellness:

Pamela Rief - @pamela_rf

Another inspiration, Pamela Rief has tons of recipes to help fuel your body through her various workouts on YouTube. Check out ASAP:

Krissy Cela - @krissycela

Krissy Cela is the trainer for @TONEANDSCULPTAPP and owns a YouTube channel that hosts videos for workout inspo, healthy food recipes and workout challenges you can participate in from home!

Natacha Oceane - @natacha.oceane

Natacha is a go-to for fitness guides, resistance bands, clothing and recipes. Her programs have even been approved by Olympians! Check her out here:

Maddie Lymburner - @madfit.ig

Want to workout to your favorite songs? Check out Madfit’s YouTube, where you will find various workouts to our favorite music!

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