The Best Foods to Incorporate in the Bedroom This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so you might be looking for some sexy ways to surprise your Valentine in the bedroom.

If you’ve been considering incorporating food into your sex life, now is the perfect time! Food and sex are very similar in that they bring pleasure, so why not combine the two? 


Both sex and chocolate can trigger the release of our brains’ “love” chemicals. This means that using chocolate in the bedroom can make for a very pleasurable experience. 

 A fun and sexy thing to do with chocolate is to use it to write messages on your partner’s body. Use larger areas such as the back, stomach, or butt to drizzle little hearts, dirty names, or a simple line from their neck to just below their navel for your tongue to trace. Let your lover’s body be your palette. Make sure to take your time in order draw out the pleasure of the experience. You can try regular chocolate syrup, chocolate body souffle, chocolate arousal oil, or chocolate body paint


Strawberries are sexy! They are an aphrodisiac and increase libido. In movies, strawberries are often accompanied by a glass of champagne in a romantic setting, so they’ll definitely set the mood this Valentine’s Day. 

Just watching someone eat a strawberry can be a turn on!


Champagne is another great addition to your bedroom romps. First of all, because of its ability to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow, champagne can help a man get an erection.

Second, it also puts people in the mood because they are more relaxed and therefore they let go of their inhibitions. Alcohol basically reduces your worries and boosts your sex drive. Be sure that you don’t drink too much though. 

There’s just something sensual and fabulous about having bottle of bubbly in bed. The bubbles tantalize the tongue.  To fully enjoy the experience, alternate between sips and kisses. Who wouldn’t enjoy having champagne running down their body? Look for Cava, Prosecco, or traditional Champagne to spice up your V-Day plans!

Ice Cream

Ice creams is a sexy way to cool down when things are getting hot and heavy. When we’re turned on, our body temperature gets higher. How do we cool down? Ice cream, duh! 

Let them lay you down and drop a dollop of chilled ice cream onto your navel, and then, eat it off of you. Repeat this in every part of your body for some tasty foreplay.


Ice is one of the most underrated ‘food’ items to use in the bedroom. Like with the ice cream, you could definitely use it to cool you down during a hot Valentine’s night with your partner. 

Unlike the other foods on this list, ice requires a lot less clean up, but is just as stimulating. Since it is just water, ice is even safe to use on the genital area. It gives a very tingling sensation. Put the ice in your mouth and run it along your partner’s body. 


Sure, it’s sticky and greasy and it’s bound to get messy no matter what you do, but honey is just that good. Honey is great spread on a lot of things, including your body. You won’t regret it. Honey can be poured on the body after it has been massaged with extra virgin coconut oil. This acts as a healthy lube during sex. It takes on other flavors to create a sweet like honey lube that you can taste.

If you don’t want to mess up your bedsheets, try this standing or even on a kitchen counter!

Whipped Cream

Lastly, of course, tried and true whipped cream. This is a favorite bedroom food for many. It is  sweet and fun to  eat off of someone. Try making your own whipped cream together beforehand for a fun Valentine’s Day at-home activity that can turn into a seriously sexy time. 

How do you plan to incorporate food into the bedroom this Valentine’s Day? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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