The Best Jean Styles to Try That Aren’t Skinny

It’s time to retire your favorite pair of skinny jeans and try some new trendy pant styles! While this may feel like a step you’re not ready to take, you may be surprised by how much you love the different fits! Take a look at these six jean styles, and explore what the world of denim has to offer. 

Wide Leg 

With the comeback of ’90s fashion, wide leg jeans are taking over. Whether you’re choosing wide leg cropped jeans or baggy skater pants, you’re going to look stylish and cool. If you’re worried about how to style wide leg jeans, remember to accentuate your waist. Big pants, little shirt!

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles! You can even find some skinny cargo pants which might be a good transition piece! Cargo pants give off utility-chic vibes and are totally in style, especially for the summer. The extra pockets are totally a plus too!

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have been around for a while now, for obvious reasons; they’re amazing! Mom jeans are stylish, trendy, make your booty look great and keep you fashionable and comfortable. Mom jeans look great with graphic tees, sweaters and chic tops, you can’t go wrong!

Flare Jeans

Put on your favorite Fleetwood Mac song and grab your groovy sunglasses because flare jeans are back in style. From bootcut to extra flared, the ’70s are back and taking over 2021 fashion. While flare jeans might seem like a step out of your comfort zone, they can surprise you! Grab those roller skates, put on your flares and get to grooving!

Straight Leg

The perfect transition piece from skinny jeans to other  jean styles are straight leg pants. These jeans have a straight line from the hips all the way down to your ankles, because the width of the jeans the same the whole way down. They fit nice, and will keep you looking like a fashionista! 

Carpenter Pants

One of the hottest trends is carpenter pants. These pants have plenty of loops and extra pockets. They’re also made with some of the best denim, so you know they will last and stay looking good! They give off a skater/utility chic style, and can be worn so many ways! These pants are both fashionable and functional!

No matter what’s in your wardrobe, you might be surprised by one of these jean styles! From straight leg to cargo pants, these different styles of pants are popular and not going anywhere anytime soon!  So ditch those skinny jeans and explore your style!

Which of the jean styles is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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