The Best Songs Off Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded ‘Fearless’ Album

Taylor Swift just dropped the new re-recorded version of her album “Fearless.” This is her first step to reclaiming the rights to the albums bought by industry manager Scooter Braun.

 “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” is truly a treat, with a massive 26 song setlist. Here’s a guide to the stand out tracks of the album:

Mr. Perfectly Fine (From the Vault)

This song was written by a young heartbroken Swift, after being dumped in a 27-second-long call by Joe Jonas. tDespite the painful lyrics, “Mr. Perfectly Fine” is surprisingly upbeat and acts as the perfect throwback to high school. This is probably the best of the brand new songs “From the Vault.”

This song offers sll that good old teenage angst packaged into a catchy bop! You’ll have this on repeat for days.


If you’re looking for a dreamy love song, look no further. Despite what the title suggests, “Untouchable” is undoubtedly the musical equivalent of a warm hug. Beautiful lyrics paired with strong vocals, there’s nothing to not like here.

Forever & Always (Piano Version)

“Forver & Always (Piano Version) might be the most distinctively redone track from the initial album. This version of the song is the perfect mash-up of Fearless and Swift’s Evermore era. Listen to a teenage Swift’s words sung in her matured, adult voice. You;ll find yourself falling in love with her music all over again. 

The Best Day

“The Best Day” is an ode to Swift’s mother, filled with wholesome nostalgia. Swift effortlessly whisks us off to childhood, walking us through the pains and pleasures of growing up. Whether you’re feeling a little homesick or the stress of adult life is getting to you, you can count on this song to cheer you up!

That’s When (ft. Keith Urban) (From the Vault) 

What’s better than one musical powerhouse? Two. Listen in awe to the chorus where Keith Urban’s smooth voice melds with Swifts’s in a harmonious union of vocals. Something about knowing that this song has been sitting in the singer’s songbook for over a decade just makes it even more special.


The titular song of the album really takes the cake for bringing us back to November 2008, when “Fearless” was first released. The new version keeps the melodies and drum-beats intact, but blossoms into its finest form with the powerful clarity Swift’s voice has amassed over the years. Dive in for a trip down memory lane, and jam out in your bedroom to a Swiftie classic. 

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift track from the re-recorded “Fearless” album? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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