NIMA, The Future of Streetwear

After a year in the making, a hot, new TikTok clothing brand is taking form to various influencers and celebrities in Los Angeles.

NIMA, the future of streetwear, is edgy and modern yet embodies the element of neutral tones. The hand-sewn product brings “the highest level of comfort while looking fly.”

From sweatpants and sweatshirts to hats and jackets, it’s easy to dress up or leisurely dress down this newfangled wear.

On December 14, Poppy high-style nightclub, where “fantasy meets high fashion playground,” was the place to be for a good time, showing off the upscale, casual brand.

The club was packed and popping, no pun intended, as influencers like Austin Mills, Adam Davenport, Jared Hassim, Deb Chubb, Paige Whisenant, Teala Dunn, Nate Wyatt, Zach Clayton, and many others stepped out for NIMA’s soft launch.

The vibes looked immaculate as some of our favorites rocked the “NIMA AI” black t-shirt with metallic robotic mannequins on the back. Others, accompanied by the popular trucker hat with “NIMA” stitched across the front in a unique font.

This is NIMA’s second clothing drop in only six weeks, and there is already a lot of buzz circulating.  

While scrolling through TikTok or walking through the streets of Los Angeles, look out to see who’s sporting NIMA!

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