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Having your nails done in the summer just adds another level to hot girl summer. When getting your nails done, you want to make sure you’re on trend and looking your best. Whether you’re going for shorter more natural nails or long and dramatic nails, these summer nail trends will change your life!

Summer’s nail trends are super cute and totally to die for. From groovy funky patterns to monochrome colors, this nail art is both classic and funky. This is a list of the hottest and most popular nail trends taking over our TikTok and Instagram feeds!

Groovy Patterns

This summer is all about patterns. From funky designs, to groovy ’70s patterns, you can rock and mix patterns from your head scarf to your nails. Swirly and wavy nails in every color will make you look like that b—h, and will also tie your whole fit together!

French Tips

A modern summer 2021 twist on the classic French tip is the long, rainbow version. Instead of short and plain white tips, try longer nails with a variety of colors. This helps you match almost any outfit to your nails, and also gives the illusion that you put in a bunch of effort. On trend and easy!

Patterned Tips

One of the hottest nail trends this year is patterned tips. Having patterned tips is a total main character moment and perfect for hot girl summer. You give off funky and quirky vibes, while also showing off your creative and unique style. You can pick the tips to suit your style or even draw inspiration from anywhere, including your favorite shows!

Red and Pink

Summer 2021 nail trends are all about red and pink colorways. Monochrome nails are super popular and for a reason; they look so cute! Add a red and pink pattern to take your nails to the next level. These nails, inspired by Wildflower Cases designs, are both trendy and can match your phone case! No matter how you decide to pair pink and red together, you can never go wrong with monochrome nails. 


One of the hottest trends for summer is tie-dye. From swim-suits to matching sets, tie-dye is a popular look this summer. When getting your nails done, try something new and get a swirl on your nails! Tie-dye can be any colors and can do wonders for matching your nails to your outfits. 

Floral Design

Like we said, this summer is all about patterns. Floral patterns are super popular. From Hawaiian hibiscus print to classic daisies, flowers are blooming. Adding floral detailing to your nails is a cute way to add some detail and softness to your vibe. No matter what style or color of flowers, it’s on trend and perfect for summer!

Regardless of your style, there’s a nail trend out there for you! This summer, try the fun new details and patterns. Nails can add the final touches to your outfit so why not get something funky? Nails not only add to your look, but show off your creativity and style in the best way!

Which of these summer nail trends is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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