The Importance of Friendship | Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixeira.” On this episode, Liv dives into the importance of friendship.

Liv explains just why friendship is so important, and how it impacts who we are as a person.

Choosing Your Friends

Often times, friendships form on a surface level. Liv tells us that is actually important to know what we want when choosing our friends, to avoid inauthentic relationships. Friendships should be fun and enjoyable, but it is crucial to ask yourself if your inner circle is beneficial towards you.

You should choose an inner circle that helps you grow and flourish. Having surface levels connections is okay, but when forming established friendships, make sure there is substance there.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Why is it so important to choose the right friends? Liv explains that your friends and who you hang out with are the sum of who you are. Friendships are a reflection of you and it is the image being presented.

We are influenced by our closest friends. If they were to spend all day binge watching Netflix, the odds that we would be next to them doing the same thing is high. For this reason, Liv says it is important to associate with “positive, energetic, determined people” that have a similar outlook as you.

At the end of the day, friends mold your environment. A good inner circle helps you grow, and allows you to reach your fullest potential.

You Deserve It!

We all deserve stable authentic relationships. Surrounding yourself with the right people makes a great difference in how you go about life. Liv stresses that we all deserve friendships that are going to inspire us.

Determining whether a friendship is right for you can be hard. Our host says to ask yourself, “Are you growing? Or are you staying stagnant? Are your closest friends pushing you to be the best version of yourself?”

Whatever your answer may be, feel no shame in ending friendships that are negatively affecting you, and enrich your life with the inner circle you deserve.

Liv concludes this segment with a reminder that friendship is a two-way street. Just like you want to be there for your friends and push them to be their best selves, you should be receiving the same energy from your relationships!

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