“The Mix” Hosts, Jamie DuBose & Anton Peeples Chat About Their Hit Show

Today on EntScoop Chats our host, Kelly Gilmore, spoke with Jamie DuBose and Anton Peeples, two of the hosts from the hit show, The MixThe two shared what it was like to meet each other and their other co-hosts Zonnique Pullins, Romeo Miller, Jazz Anderson and Tameka Harris. The show is “high energy, tons of fun, it’s a raw, off the the call conversation between friends.”

On the show, they say no topic is off the table. They love to talk about anything and everything that they deem worthy of discussing. This show is so important and special because audiences get to hear the unfiltered and uncensored opinions of a younger generation on important issues. 

Getting Acquainted

The two hosts shared that they had first met while filming the intro to the show. They had spent about 9-10 hours working that day but it gave them a chance to get to know each other. Now the cast is as thick as thieves and Anton even shared that he views Jamie as a little sister! They got the opportunity to see each others personalities that day which created the amazing chemistry that we see on the show. 

The crew hopes to have the show in person next year depending on the state of the world. But guys, if they are able to have that type of chemistry over Zoom just imagine how dope it would be in person! 

Spicy Topics

Nothing is off the table when it comes to The Mix! One topic that they have not shied away from is politics. They are a very socially active cast and Jamie urges that everyone go out and vote. “Just choose the one that you think will benefit your community the most. Please don’t be selfish. Just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t need them.”


What Makes Them Special

Each host has such a unique perspective on life and issues which makes for pretty interesting discussions. Anton shared that he is really into politics and at one point even considered running for Senate. He brings in his knowledge and opinions which sparks the perfect conversation. 

When the two were asked to pick a favorite host, they couldn’t do it. Jamie and Anton agreed that each host brings something different to the table. Jamie said that for a heart to heart, deep conversations, Anton is perfect. When she wants to have a fun, good time, Zoey is her girl. If she is in need of a pick-me-up, she knows Jazz has got her covered. Which leaves Romeo, ready when needed, to pass out his wisdom and strong advice. 

The Importance Of The Show

“It’s important that people of older generations, know that even though we’re younger, we can still talk about politics and have a valid opinion. We can still have relationship conversations and have a valid opinion,” Jamie said. With other shows, lead by older hosts, it is hard for younger people to become engaged. Sometimes it feels as if they are talking down to younger generations and so the younger generations cannot relate. 

The Mix is a place for open conversation. A safe place. Jamie also shared “I think it’s important that we have a platform where we can be unapologetically Black.” That is exactly what the world needs right now. Black voices need to be amplified, celebrated and truly heard in order for any real change to happen. 

What They Have In Store

Anton shared that he is finally working on some music with The Candy Factory in Atlanta! Be sure to follow him on Instagram to be the first to know when he drops the announcements! He is also working on creating a show with his sister that is loosely based off of their lives. 

Ms. Jamie is currently still in school and working on getting her degree. She wants to eventually go to law school and become a lawyer! We wish her a very successful Hot Girl Semester!

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