The Power of Being Single in Your 20s!

Your 20’s are probably the most confusing time of your life. It seems like everyone is on a different path. One thing for sure is that most of the people think that it is some sort of defect to be single in your 20s. You get questions like “So where’s your boyfriend,” or “Do you think you are ever going to get married?” It can feel very disappointing. 

It’s Okay to Enjoy Your 20s

30 is the new 20, so if you’re in your 20s, you’re basically still a teenager. There is no reason for you to have your life “together.” Women should know that being single is okay, and even *gasp* enjoyable. 

Being single in your 20s doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you are struggling, here are some ways that can help you be okay with being single.

It’s Normal That All of Your Friends are in Different Places

This doesn’t mean they are looking down on you or that you are wrong. Some people are married with kids. Do you want that right now? Some people are getting their master’s degree. Life is not a singular path to be followed.

Social constructs are annoying. We live in 2020, which overall is a bad year, but we have come a long way from a woman needing a man to provide for her. If you haven’t found your person then you have time.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with being in a relationship, but there is equally nothing wrong with being single.

Here are Some Tips to Help You Be Okay with Being Single in Your 20s

  1. Build your empire. While it is definitely possible to go to school and become successful while in a relationship, it could be easier to do on your own. Relationships take up a lot of time that could be used for working or studying. Get your bag sis!
  2. Develop long lasting relationships with friends. Friendships are one of the most important aspects of life. No one thinks they are doing this in the moment, but relationships can sometimes cause women to neglect their friendships. You have your whole life to spend with a partner, use your 20s to build long-lasting relationships with friends.
  3. Find yourself. Being able to choose all of your own pastimes and chase your own goals without a partner can be very fulfilling. Also, it is difficult to love someone else if you don’t love yourself. Being single in your 20s means that you can find the you that you want to be.
  4. Tell other people that they need to calm down. Being single in your 20s is perfectly okay until everyone decides to make it their business. Mothers want to know when you’ll be married. Friends try to set you up. If you are completely happy with your situation, let your loved ones know that you don’t need to live by their standards. 
  5. Be in charge of your own life. Do you want to watch Christmas Hallmark movies for the entire month of November? Do you want to go on spontaneous vacations? You can do it because you don’t have to include someone else in the plan.
  6. Live anywhere you want. Relationships mean a lot to us. We want to be with people that we love. Sometimes this means that people don’t go to the schools they want, or they turn down dream jobs because it means moving away from a significant other. Single people have one less thing tying them down to one geographical location.
  7. Go on dates. If you don’t put so much pressure on the situation, dating can be a lot of fun!
  8. Escape heartbreak. Love does not always equal heartbreak, but at least you can go to bed every night knowing that no one is being unfaithful.
  9. Choose who you want, not just who chooses you. People think that it is some sort of insult to not be wanted, but in reality, dating is not just about finding someone who worships the ground that you walk on (unless that’s all you want it to be, you do you boo). If true love is the thing you’re searching for though, then focus on what is it that YOU want in a person. Is Chad who never called you back after your first date really the love of your life?
  10. Celebrate being single. Everything that you accomplish, you accomplished on your own. Maybe, just maybe this is exactly where you are meant to be!

What are some ways that you enjoy being single in your 20s? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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