The Power of How You See Yourself | Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera.” In this episode our host, Liv,  is revealing some of the key components to manifesting our dreams and desired reality.

Continuing off of last week’s discussion on the power of words and the way we speak about ourselves, Liv is explaining the power of personal identity.

The Beliefs You Have About Yourself

Our host shares that what we personally believe we are and aren’t and what we can and cannot do plays heavily into our life’s purpose. These mentality aspects help to define the different categories of life such as relationships or even success.

The way we speak about ourselves gives a great idea of what we think about our identity. Our host provides an example of this as stating “I’m always late” versus “I’m very confident.”

Leading to Success

Liv emphasizes that the power of self identity directly affects our ability to create success. She acknowledges that the definition of success is very different for every individual. Career, relationships, freedom and even lifestyle can be defined as success for each person.

Putting This Into Action

The first step to using personal identity to your advantage is identifying what you think about yourself in every category of your life. By identifying where you have a positive self image and where you don’t, you can work on this and make change. Liv explains that this will need to be worked on over time. Like a muscle, this will “build” and any lack of positive self will be constructed into a more powerful identity.

By putting this process into action, the power of self speak and self identity will lead to manifesting your dream goals into a reality.

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