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The Sex Toys You Need

The sex toys you need. Yes, NEED. We all should indulge in a little erotic pleasure, for our own health, of course. I know you’re probably bored at home as you read this, so why not invest in yourself? Also, have some fun experimenting with yourself as I’m sure you have the time for it, since we’re all stuck at home. So, let’s continue shall we? Here are the sex toys you need NOW! 

Rábbit Vibéràte Vibrating Realistic Toy 

sex toy

If you’re looking for something reasonably priced, but at the same time gives you a super intense sexual climax, then consider this vibrating adult toy. It has 10 vibration functions, so you’ll be able to choose which setting works best for you and your cooch, girl. Not only that, but it’s also long enough to reach a comfortable spot for your maximum pleasure! It is currently priced at $23–get yours now! 

Wireless Remote Silicone Wearable Vibe Plug 

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Definitely, more than anything, this is the sex toy you need! You can use it by yourself, or have your partner help you with it, *wink, wink.* Basically, you wear this vibrator and the vibration modes are controlled with a remote control, so you can use it in the bedroom, in public, literally anywhere! Your partner will have so much fun playing with it (and you) and pleasure is guaranteed! Also, I cannot forget to mention that it is priced at $30 on Amazon! 

Automatic Women Vibrate Dildo

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This dildo is for you ladies that not only want a vibrator, but also want some real length inside of you! You’ll get all the pleasure you want and need with this realistic AF 8-inch package. It also has 12 powerful vibration modes. Who wouldn’t want that? But the best part of this toy is that it’s priced at $27. Don’t deprive yourself of the sex toys you need! You’re worth the investment, girl! 

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