The Steps to Having More Confidence | Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira.” On this episode, our host is discussing how to be more confident.

Liv gives four steps to help you be the most confident you can be in your own skin.

Accept Who You Are

This tip is easier said than done, but Liv explains that accepting the human being that you truly are leads you on the road to confidence.

The fact of the matter is, there are billions of people in this world but at the end of the day you are the only you. Liv goes on to explain that this is the one life you’re living, and it is a disservice to discredit and put down the person that you see in the mirror.

Accept your quirks, your flaws and your insecurities because there is only one version of you.

Commit to the Things You Want to Change 

You can accept and love yourself, while also recognizing areas of improvement. Liv tells us to acknowledge the things in life we want to change, or the new ventures we want to embark on, and work on those things.

Commitment is key! Liv stresses that committing to the things we want for our lives is the only way to actually achieve our goals. Many of us talk the talk, but change comes when we make actions and stick to it.

“Be the person that steps up to the plate,” and show up for yourself.

Eliminate Guilt and Shame

Most of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to others, but Liv tells us this is only a roadblock stopping us from self-love.

A lot of people are stuck in the idea that they haven’t done enough, or they’re embarrassed of where they are in life, but it’s important to remember that we are all on our individual journeys. Liv says to get rid of this guilt and pressure of wanting to achieve so much and take the time to recognize what you have accomplished.

Making life changes is great, but hating and harping on your current situation because you long to be living like someone else is not healthy.

Liv says it best, “You have every right to set the bar insanely high, but don’t let that high bar you have set on yourself in the future, s—t on what you have currently.”

Be an Active Participant in Your Life

Liv calls this step “the meat and potatoes” of the four. This is where the work gets done.

Being an active participant in your life means stepping into your power by making decisions every day that are going to positively affect your life. This step is where the other steps become actions. This includes self-love, committing, setting boundaries and backing your decisions.

Taking the front seat in your life helps you get in tune with who you really are and allows you to grow.

Liv wraps up this segment by reminding us that no one has the power to affect our own lives like we do. By following these steps not only will you grow more confident and secure, but it will allow you to take the leap into the path that you see for your future.

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