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Tired of scrolling through sexy balayages and gorgeous mermaid hair on your Insta feed? Well it’s time you stopped watching from the sidelines and joined in on the fun! Here are our handy tips to prepare you for the hair color transformation you’ve always dreamt of.

For Warm-Toned Skin

Warmness of skin tone has less to do with your actual complexion, and more to do with your skin’s natural undertones. A good indicator of warm-toned skin is greener veins (as opposed to blue), and amber, hazel or brown eyes.

To complement your skin’s natural golden tinge, you should opt for warmer, reddish shades like copper, auburn and strawberry blonde. Deep, rich browns will also look great on you. If you’re looking to go the non-natural color route, try blue hues like lavender, aqua or sky blue, as they let your skin’s radiance really pop through.

For Cool-Toned Skin

If you have blue veins and light-colored eyes, chances are that your skin possesses cooler, pink or bluish undertones. Embrace ashen tones like champagne, beige, and platinum blonde to amp up your skin’s inherent rosiness.

Steer clear of reddish browns, and instead opt for taupe or chocolatey shades. If looking for something a little more adventurous, note that your skin tone predisposes you to pull off dark inky blues, jewel greens and violets pretty well.

For Dry, Damaged Hair

Dyeing your hair tends to dry it out, so if you already have naturally dry, thinning or damaged hair, bleaching it is not a smart move. Ditch the bleach for organic, nourishing dyes that are less likely to dry your hair out further.

Go for pigmented dyes a couple shades more vibrant than what you’re looking to achieve. Clairol’s new and improved Natural Instincts range, which is free of ammonia and parabens, may be an ideal match for you.

For Dye Divas 

Are you the kind of person who has a different hair color every month? Have you worked your way through the basic reds and pastel pinks and looking for something with a little more oomph? Well look no further than Lime Crime’s fierce yet vegan Unicorn Hair range.

This line comes in an assortment of bold and brilliant shades like “Neon Peach,” “Swamp Queen,” and “Anime”. You can choose between full coverage and semi-permanent options, easy for switching up your look without stressing..

For the Commitment-phobes

Eager to undergo a hair makeover, but not ready to fully commit to the upkeep? Well, fear not because Hailicare has the solution to your problems: temporary hair dye wax. This semi-permanent variety will last you a couple washes so you won’t have to worry about touch ups. 

Not only is the wax easier to apply than regular packaged dye, it also lets you kill two birds with one stone, and style your hair while applying color. This is a true savior for lazy gals and busy-bees alike!

What is your next hair color transformation? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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