The Way That We Speak About Ourselves | Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixiera.” In this episode our host, Liv,  is revealing some of the key components to manifesting our dreams and desired reality. 

Liv explains that these are the way that we speak and what we believe to be true about ourselves. She shares that although these things can go unnoticed they can be extremely detrimental or beneficial on the journey to manifesting success.

Understanding the Power of Words

In this episode Liv will be diving deep into the power of words and how we speak about ourselves. When speaking in terms of “I should” or “I would” Liv shares that those words can have a negative connotation. 

She poses the questions, “How do you speak about yourself,” “How do you speak to yourself,” “How do you describe your abilities,” “How do you speak about your dreams,” and “How do you speak about the things you want.”

Self Reflection

She shares that she asks us these questions to make us more aware of the way that we speak about ourselves and our dreams. By becoming aware of how we speak about ourselves and our dreams, we can break habits that might be holding us back from accomplishing our goals. 

Liv challenges us to dissolve any patterns of speaking about ourselves in an ingenuine, non-confident and unauthentic manner. The power of words are indicative of self success.

Liv concludes this episode by reminding us to tune in next Friday to learn the power of what we believe to be true about ourselves and how this affects manifesting our reality!

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