Theo James Talks Funniest Moment At ComicCon

Theo James  that sexy vampire stopped by Geek Central, aka New York Comic-Con to chat about Underworld: Blood Wars. This is the fifth installment of the Underworld franchise with James reprising his vampire role as David. This time he aids Selene the vampire death dealer played by Kate Beckinsale as she battles both the Lycan and vampire clans.

Could Underworld: Blood Wars be the end of Theo James?

James promises that this latest installment of Underworld will be a mix of new and old. “They [the audience] should expect a lot of teeth, blue eyes, blood [and] a return to some of the themes in the original films,” he said. He adds, “it’s shot in the Czech Republic so it has that kind of moody architecture, but it’s also discovering a bunch of whole new characters and as a result there’s a lot more action, a lot more set pieces and there’s a lot more plot….You get to discover a little bit about what’s happened in the world and the history of the world that we [have been] inhabiting.

But what about James’s character’s future? It is rumored that James would actually be taking over the Underworld franchise from lead Kate Beckinsale for this installment as a reboot. However, when asked about that rumor or whether he would like the opportunity to lead a rebooted franchise, James gave a cryptic answer. He said “I think Dave’s journey has/ is coming to an end in this one, in the sense that he’s kind of gone as far as he can do so. James explains, “I think now with these new characters coming in–it is their opportunity to go to the next level with the franchise, because literally there’s a whole new breath of characters….They are the new Young Blood.”


For the final question, we had to ask, as a vampire why do people find vampires so sexy? James has a theory on that. He says, “I think it is kind of just the concept of animalism isn’t it?” He adds, “like the beast inside… and immortality is pretty sexy too!”

Underworld: Blood Wars opens in theaters on January 6th 2017.

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