These 2020 Nail Trends Will Blow Your Mind

Fashion week always leaves its mark in the communities outside of high end fashion. Many times it spills into how we do our makeup, how photoshoots or even how we do our nails.

If you’re in the need of a new manicure when your salon reopens, look no further! Here are 10 nail trends that will keep you up to style in 2020!

The Negative Space French Manicure

This definitely a favorite because you can still have a very clean looking nail with a splash of bright color. You don’t have to worry about your nails clashing with your outfit because you’ll be able to have as many hints of color on your fingers as you want!

Minimalist Designs

These simple and sweet designs will give you just a little bit of flare in your nails without drawing too much attention. It’s great if you want a hint of flare on a professional style canvas.


Who doesn’t love a good soft color? I know I do! A lot of people have been doing a new shade on every finger, but the minimalists are keeping it pretty simple, making all fingers the same color. Even pastel yellow is making a come back!

Animal Prints

Feeling a little wild? Tell  your nail tech to try these fancy prints! Not everyone will be able to do it, but it’s worth a try!

Gradient Accents

Want to keep everything pretty much one color, but still want to spice things up? Don’t worry! Pick a main color to put on your thumb, ring finger, and pinky. For your middle finger, you put a shade lighter than the main one and then one that’s lighter than both on your index finger!

Mixed Mediums

If you want to get a bunch of different designs all at once? Do a mixed mediums design! Add in a little bit of glitter to a French Manicure and call it a day! You’ll be looking like a Fashion Week Model in no time!

Pearl Nails

It’s enough to have pearl necklaces anymore! Now, you can bring a little piece of the sea to your nails for that extra boujee feeling.


We are living through the return of the matte! It made its appearance not too long ago, but fell off quickly. Glad to know Fashion Week brought back the matte trend! You can even make it at home!

Written In The Stars

Are you a fan of astrology? Want your star sign with you all the time? Paint your stars on your nails!

Crystal Manicure

Want to make your nails sparkle, but don’t want to deal with the glitter? Don’t worry! Add some crystals. They can give a bit of upwards dimension to your nails and give you shine!

If you saw any of these on the runway and want to find new nails, go to your local salon and see what they can do for you! Feel your best after quarantine is over!

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