Things TikTok Made me Buy + Pleasure-Filled Items


Are you ready for things TikTok made me buy and pleasure-filled items?

I’m sure we have all heard or seen hashtag “things TikTok made me buy.” Not only does TikTok have millions of lifesaving hacks, users also post some really cool and useful things they buy primarily on Amazon. So, we are here to share with you a few items that you might want to consider purchasing without having to binge watch TikTok videos.

But wait! If you’re also interested in buying adult toys to have a little fun while you’re locked up in your home, please definitely keep reading.

Useful Items

1. LokiStashed Velvet Hair Tie Scrunchies 

These scrunchies are super cute and have a little zipper opening so you can discreetly “stash” any small item like a lipstick, keys, money, or a small vodka bottle. Totally up to you. 


2. KENMI Shower head with LED Lights

If you like having mini concerts or having crying sessions in the shower–this is perfect for you! TikTok really comes through with these products. Shoutout to all the users who post their awesome purchases! 


3. Rovtop Ring Light with Stand

You absolutely need this ring light for your Instagram selfies! You don’t even need to use self-timer on your camera because this light comes with a clicker that connects to your phone and takes the picture for you. Get ready, set, take, and post! 

4. BlissLights Sky Lite 

This projector sky light is on the pricier side at around $50, but it is definitely worth the money. It turns your room into an outer space galaxy, which is so peaceful and calming. It’ll take you on a little “trip” *wink wink.* 

5. Fenchilin Hollywood Makeup Mirror 

Last but not least on the list of things TikTok made me buy is the Fenchilin vanity makeup mirror. It has a three-color light setting, a dimmable light setting, and a touch screen. It’s great for doing your makeup or staring at your own reflection, suit yourself. This product has quality lighting, a perfect-sized sturdy mirror, and is also priced at $50. 

Pleasure Items

Okay, now let’s get to the kinkier part of this article. Are you looking for sex toys to purchase to have some fun with yourself or spice things up with a partner? Well, even if you’re not, keep reading–you know you want to.  

G-Point Vibrator

Priced at $40 on Amazon, this vibrator will NOT disappoint. I mean, if you truly want to invest in yourself… this is the best way to do it!! It will bring out your inner goddess as you explore your sexual climax. It has 10 vibration modes, and it’s a waterproof, rechargeable dildo–for all your pleasure needs! 

Rábbit Víbéràte Vibrating Realistic Adult Toy

Now, if you’re looking for something reasonably priced but with the same majestic, sexual arousal effect, then consider this vibrating adult toy. It has 10 vibration functions for your maximum pleasure, and it’s long enough to reach a comfortable spot. It is way more affordable, priced at $27 on Amazon. 

Mature Dildo for Sex 

To conclude the sex toy talk for today, here is a great dildo option that is also affordable and super realistic for those who want some vitamin *D.* You’ll get all the pleasure you want with this 8-inch package. Oof, I’m excited for you! Get your hands (and your cooch) on this ASAP! 

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