This Is Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Summer is here, which means sunscreen is more important than ever!

While we’re all excited for the beach, the pool or just being outside in general, its crucial to protect ourselves from sun exposure. Getting a nice tan is something that everyone wants, but we’re here to remind you of the harmful effects of some damage that’ll cause you to rethink not wearing sunscreen when you’re outside.

Skin Cancer

The more sun exposure you have, the more at risk for skin cancer you are. Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, and even if you have never had a sunburn, constant sun exposure puts you at risk. By age 70, one out of every five Americans will get skin cancer. 

For protection, you should still wear at least 30 SPF if you are outside, even if you’re not laying out in the sun.  -Remember to apply some even when its not sunny, because you  even get exposure when it’s cloudy. 


Next up is aging, something most people want to avoid. Sun exposure directly causes aging, and wrinkles. Aside from wrinkles, the sun can cause leathery looking skin, fine lines, and skin discoloration. On top of that, the sun damages your skin’s elastin, collagen, and cells.

To keep your skin looking smooth and young apply that sunscreen and stay out of the direct sun! Trust me — it makes all the difference.


This is probably the most noticeable and common effect of sun exposure. Sunburns and it is extremely painful and uncomfortable, as the skin becomes inflamed, red, and itchy. Some sunburns hurt even when the skin just touches a shirt.

In extreme cases, skin can blister, and you can get sun poisoning! Again, this is all avoidable by applying sunscreen.

Alternative to Tanning

If you’re someone who wants to get their tan on, but doesn’t want to risk unnecessary sun exposure, there are alternatives!

Hello, self-tanner. Self-tanning is a perfect alternative that doesn’t require you being in the sun. You can get the exact shade you want, and it doesn’t take as long! My favorites are Isle of Paradise, and St. Tropez.

Find what works for you and come up with a tanning routine! Although self-tanning does’t replace enjoying laying out in the sun, it is so much safer.

What sunscreen brand is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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