Thongs and Female Empowerment

People who are close to me sometimes compare me to an old lady. I am late to trends. I prefer comfort and I have no tech savvy. Recently, my boyfriend bought me some thongs and I was not sure how I would feel about them. I have my insecurities about my body and I kind of always assumed they were uncomfortable. The wedgie you give yourself on purpose, so to speak. I still wanted to see what the fuck was up, so, I tried them on. 

Guys, I might be hot. I took a look at myself in that thong and I would definitely hit that. Multiple times. Every which way. I felt as if I had just realized one of my superpowers. Would I use them for good or evil, who knows. Only time will tell. The power I hold, the lives I could ruin, the possibilities are now endless. For a moment I thought I could start an OnlyFans. Needless to say, my boyfriend was also a fan. 


All jokes aside, the empowerment I felt was unmatched. Wearing a thong in public made me feel like I had a secret that I was dying to tell. I felt like a bad bitch and that is what I want for you too. of course, you do not have to wear a thong to feel this way, but it is a suggestion that worked for me. 


If you want to I recommend checking out Rihanna’s line of lingerie. It is really comfortable and super sexy. They also have some really nice bra’s and underwear if you are not feeling the thongs!


Feel like a bad bitch and listen to good music. Check out one of our latest articles that provides a playlist for every mood! 

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