Tiffany Haddish & Montrezl Harrell Are Teaming Up With Bumble

By: Sierra Calvetti

Comedian and actress, Tiffany Haddish, and LA Clippers star, Montrezl Harrell have teamed up with Bumble, the first dating app where ladies make the first move, to give Los Angeles area users a chance to swipe right on an all-inclusive first date experience called LA Our Way. 

The dates—curated by Haddish and Harrell—start off with a dinner that Haddish and Harrell are secretly sitting in on. They give a play-by-play to the audience at home on how the first date is going for the unsuspecting couples. Given Bumble is about women making the first move on the app, Haddish believes that ladies should also make the first move on the date as well. Meanwhile, Harrell gives some advice on how to behave on the first date, like not looking at your phone in front of your date. When given a chance, such as when the lady needs to use the restroom, Haddish will go and meet the lady outside the bathroom to ask how its going, while Harrell will do the same with the male counterpart. This in turn, will help improve the date. The date ends with attending a LA Clippers home game. 

A new video of Bumble’s play-by-play with Haddish and Harrell will be available exclusively for app users with an announcement on when the video will drop for users to enjoy. 

LA Our Way is jointly sponsored by Bumble and the LA Clippers with each sharing the principles of gender equality and debuting the empowerment badge—the first of many to come for BumbleDownload Bumble for a chance to win a “L.A. Our Way” curated experience and check out the “Play-By-Play” video available now here.

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