Time to Add Faux Freckles to Your Makeup Routine!

Faux Freckles are the newest makeup trend. It is all over social media and Tik Tok. Some of the biggest names like James Charles and others, have brought this trend into the spotlight. 

Social Media has grown this trend so much. Want to learn how you can hop on this trend? Keep reading!

How do I apply faux freckles?

There are many ways to apply faux freckles! The first and easiest way is to grab a brown or black eyeliner pencil and create small dots in wanted areas to develop the freckles effect.
Another way to achieve this iconic look is to purchase an actual fake freckles product from brands such as Freck, Lime Crime, and Colourpop Cosmetics. These brands have created tools made specifically for creating a freckled face!

Henna tattoo freckles are taking Tik Tok by storm. Girls are using henna tattoos to add the small dots onto their faces. They keep them overnight or for a couple of hours and then take off the excess tattoo to reveal a very natural freckled face. This is not a “makeup” way to apply them, but it allows freckles to stay on your natural skin for a more extended period. Henna is not permanent and is natural.

Want to get rid of acne? Use faux freckles!

Faux Freckles distract from possible acne on the face. Many beauty gurus use it as a tactic to hide blemishes. It also makes makeup appear more natural and makeup-less.

Faux freckles are such an adorable trend! I will definitely be adding them to my everyday makeup routine!

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