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With spring approaching, there’s no better time to clean out your closet and rebrand yourself. Cleaning out your closet is a great way to make some room in your wardrobe for new pieces and new style goals!

When cleaning out your closet, ask yourself, what are my style goals and what do I want to achieve with cleaning out my closet? Once you have your mind set, grab yourself some boxes and get started!

The Three Piles Rule

When purging your closet, use three piles to help keep your decisions separated and organized. Having a “keep”, “donate/sell”, and “throw away” pile will help you remember the decisions you make.

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Fit Test

The best way to eliminate clothes is by trying them on. Trying on each item allows you to see how it fits and helps you to decide if you like it on yourself anymore.

This also allows you to envision outfits and try different pieces together to see if it’s worth keeping. 

Does it Spark Style Joy? 

Like Marie Kondo asks, does the item spark joy? When you see or reach for the item, ask yourself if it excites you and if feel happy that it’s in your collection.

If the item does not spark any good emotions, that’s a sign to move on and toss it. 

The Six Months Rule

A great way to eliminate clothes efficiently is through the six months method. While picking through your pieces, ask yourself, ‘have I worn this in the past six months?’ and ‘will I wear this in the next six months?’ 

 If certain items are ones that haven’t made it out in six months but you don’t want to let go of, then hang these items  on a hanger in an opposite direction then the rest as a reminder to give them some use!

Keep it Coordinated

As you’re reorganizing your closet space, keep your pieces coordinated, you’ll thank us later. Keeping similar style shirts together is a great way to decrease the amount of time you spend staring aimlessly at your closet looking for that one shirt you can never find.

 This is a great way to stay organized and pick out your outfits effortlessly. 

Accessorize and Organize

Don’t forget about that box in the back of your closet filled with accessories! Finding a way to organize your jewelry, hats and shoes can be difficult, but can also double as décor.

 Grab some cute jewelry organizers to hang your jewelry and hats on your wall to fill in that extra wall space!

Cleaning out your closet is a great way to destress, while also giving yourself an opportunity to rebrand your style. Have fun with your fashionable closet collection and don’t forget to stay organized!

Which tip did you find most helpful? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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