Trendy Face Masks

As stores and businesses begin to open back up, wearing a mask or face-covering in public is super vital per the Centers for Disease Control. Getting out is great for your mental health and it is even greater to do it in the safest way possible. Face masks are now a part of our #ootd nowadays, unfortunately. But! Who says they can’t be adorable! This is your guide to all things cute face masks!


Kim Kardashian West dropped her face masks and they are some of the hottest covers on the market. Stars like Addison Rae are always wearing them out everywhere. Many online reviews say that they are comfortable and stylish. 


Revolve offers many various face mask options. For Example, a tie-up mask, and even a matching scrunchie and mask set. Everything Revolve has to offer is #ootd approved and adorable! 


Etsy is always a great place to find face masks. Many smaller vendors are hand making the masks and selling them on the site. 

Christian Siriano 

Besides being one of the most fabulous designers out there right now, Christian Siriano is making waves in the fashion world by making a change. He is selling masks on his website that are vibrant in color and are so cute. Each purchase from his website helps out essential workers. 

Silk face masks 

If you notice that you are getting “maskne” many people say it is due to the type of mask you are wearing. Some masks made out of fabrics that may cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Silk face masks can be your best friend! They are softer and more gentle on the skin. 

Alice and Olivia

Another designer option, Alice and Olivia, have a mask with their logo all over it! It is so adorable and very fashion-forward. 


If you are looking for a sustainable option, Onzie is your place to shop for masks! All of the proceeds of the upcycled masks are going to healthcare workers.


Casetify is not just a phone case company, but it is now selling adorable masks. One of their best selling masks is in the trendy color, millennial pink. 

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