Trendy Jewelry For Fall 2020

If you’re ready to get back in the world this fall and feel like you don’t know what the next trend might be, don’t worry. There are a few jewelry pieces that we’ve seen that have hit the trending pages quite a bit!

If you’re looking for nail trends of 2020, you can find them here!



Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, oh my! These sea beauties were popularized recently by Chanel. You can use these pieces to accessorize an outfit in a very elegant way or create a vampy look with them. They might be a little expensive if you buy the real deal, but you’re sure to find some pretty close-to-natural looking lab-created pearls online for less.



Mixing metals is not at all a new trend, but silver always stands out among the rest in the world of fashion. This pop of freshness can add a little shine to an outfit. If sterling silver isn’t your style, try white gold pieces to get that same shine from a different metal. 

Drooping Chains


The swishing feeling is no longer reserved for a high ponytail. Bring that swing to your necklaces and have a fringe hanging from your neck to make a statement or feel like you’re in the wild west!

Brooches and Baubles

Looks like your grandma’s hand-me-down can be your new favorite piece of jewelry you own. Brooches and pendants are a thing of the past, but they might just be a great statement piece on your way to work. Jazz them up by pinning them to your high-neck shirt collar and start a conversation!




Not into the shiny look? Want to wear something that looks a bit grungy or edgy to make your outfit look different? You don’t need jewelry this time! You’re going to want to reach for your nearest harness and put it over your clothes. Many people have actually started making chain harnesses.  

Headbands and Jeweled Headpieces

If you thought headbands were only for your elementary school days, you would be so wrong! These pieces can tie together an outfit when you think your head might just be a little too bland in comparison to the rest of your outfit. If you want a little extra shine, try a jeweled headpiece and make your face a little bit brighter.

These are some of the easier ways to brighten up or change the way your outfit stands in a crowd. Haute couture is always bringing us the latest trends in fashion and accessories, so always stay up to date, if you can!

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