Trendy Roller Skates : Your Newest Obsession!

Roller Skates are such a cute trend going on right now. Everyone and their mama is riding around town on roller skates. From celebrities to young teens, this trend is definitely on the rise. Here is your go to guide for all things roller skates!

Roller Skating Basics

Roller skates come in various different colors, styles, and prices. You can go with an iconic white with a pink wheel, a trendy pastel, or even a neon color. There is a roller skate in every color you can possibly imagine. Most roller skates have interchangeable wheels and all have interchangeable laces. You can definitely customize your own depending on where you buy yours from!

It is important to keep in mind that investing in a good pair of skates can help your skating skill. Most cheaper skates are heavier and the wheels usually aren’t as free to spin as they please. Whereas, more expensive skates are lighter in weight and the wheels spin perfectly. Overall all skates work perfectly fine, but the more expensive ones do make skating a bit more effortless.

Where to Buy

In terms of pricing. It all depends on where you buy them. Brands such as Urban Outfitters carry adorable Moxi Skates priced at $199. These high quality skates are so trendy and are sure to stand out on the rink!

Dolls Kill, sell some of the most adorable Impala Skates. These vibrant, shiny, and standout skates are priced at $120. These roller skates are also great quality and super cute!

These brands do sell them at a more expensive cost, but they are definitely the hottest stores to buy them from.  if you’re not sure that skating will be your thing you can also buy them from Amazon to get a better deal. These are a better bet if you are just trying it out for the first time and are learning how to skate.

How to Style Roller Skates

Roller skating is not easy. If you have never skated before, it can be very tricky and lead to a lot of practice falls. But, you must fall in style!  Wearing cute leggings or even a cute tennis skirt with shorts under is such a great go to. Make sure that if you are wearing a skirt or shorts of any kind, to wear high socks or knee pads at first to avoid any possible injuries. 

Avoiding jeans is also something you should keep in mind because if you fall you can rip or tear your jeans. Staying sporty but also cute is always a great idea for roller skating!

Roller skating is such a great way to go outside, get exercise, and spend time with friends.

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