Trinity Jo-Li Bliss talks all things Avatar: The Way of Water

13-year-old actress and singer-songwriter Trinity Jo-Li Bliss graced the orange carpet wearing a vibrant sequence stitched dress at the Kids Choice Awards.

Before hitting the carpet, Bliss played her favorite “pump-up” song, “Gorgeous” by her role model, Taylor Swift.

“Anytime I need a confidence boost, I play that song and then I’m in the mood, ready to go,” she said.

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Bliss, known for her role as Tuktirey in the Academy Award-nominated movie Avatar: The Way of Water, stated that she is beyond grateful to work with a fantastic group of people.

“With 4,800 cast and crew members, there are so many talented people that put hard work into this film and getting to stand next to them is mind-blowing,” Bliss said.

Additionally, she said working with veteran filmmaker James Cameron is a fulfilled fantasy.

“Jim is so amazing; he’s such an inspiration to me,” the actress said. “To get to work with him, see him push the envelope and put so much love and hard work into Avatar: The Way of Water has been a dream come true.”

The actress said there was a lot of preparation that went into filming, and she was able to grasp a lot of new skills such as free diving, acting underwater, archery and speaking the “beautiful” Navi dialect.

Bliss recalled her favorite part of working on set was getting to learn from “the masters of the craft” in front and behind the camera.

“I’m so excited audience members are going to the theatres and experiencing Avatar and loving it,” Bliss said. “It’s been a whirlwind these months and I’m really honored and grateful to have got to be a part of it.”

What’s next for the young actress and singer-songwriter? Bliss has a lot in store for the future! 

Bliss stated she is part of a new, upcoming Nickelodeon show and wants to continue pursuing her music career, sharing her thoughts and songs with everyone.

She also said that she is excited to be back on the set, working with everyone for Avatar 3 and 4.

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