True Crime Podcasts Can Actually Save Your Life

True Crime Podcasts Keep Women Safe

This might sound crazy, but I think that listening to true crime podcasts can help keep women safe. Podcasts have become extremely popular recently. There are podcasts about everything from dating, to celebrities, and podcasts dedicated entirely to Harry Potter. Even famous people like Dax Shepard and Kate and Oliver Hudson have their own shows. One of the most popular podcasts genres to emerge from the medium is the True Crime genre.

True Crime Obsession Isn’t Something New

Oddly enough, people have been addicted to true crime for decades. It’s like human nature for people to turn and stare at a car crash as they drive by. Even though the stories are often gruesome and awful, there is a lot that women can learn from listening to true crime podcasts. 

Women are more likely to feel that they will be the victim of a crime than men, so by listening to true crime stories, they feel in control. These podcasts can teach women to be aware of the dangers in the world. Instead of feeling anxious about crime, true crime podcasts can empower women. 

What I’ve Learned From Listening to True Crime Podcasts

  1. The most surprising thing that I learned from listening to true crime podcasts wasn’t anything about crime itself, it was about friendships. 
    • The podcast format really gives an inside look into other people’s friendships that we normally wouldn’t get to see. The casual way that the hosts on Wine and Crime talk with each other makes me feel like I am part of their friendship trio. 
    • Many women are victims of domestic violence or other crimes, and shows like My Favorite Murder with comedian Karen Kilgariff and Cooking Channel host Georgia Hardstark provide a community called the ‘Murderinos’
  2. I also learned to never blame the victim (or myself)
    • While listening to crime stories you might think “If she wouldn’t have gone for a run at night, she would still be alive,” or “She should have made sure her phone was charged before leaving.”
    • These may be good tips for you in the future, but the only person who is at fault is the perpetrator, not the victim. 
  3. I know now to trust my instincts. 
    • If I ever feel uncomfortable with a stranger coming up and speaking to me, I should trust that. They might be nice, but walking away could save my life. 
    • On the podcasts Crime Junkie, host Ashley Flowers tells listeners to “Be weird. Be rude. Stay Alive.” Similarly Karen and Georgia urge women to “F*ck Politeness.” Women do not owe strangers their time or attention. 
  4. How to stay safe.
    • Always be aware of your surroundings.
    • Try your best not to go to a second location with a stranger.
    • Listening to stories about crime can give insight to the psychology of a criminal. Sometimes showing your human side will encourage captors to set their victims free.
  5. To create an ‘If I go Missing Folder’
    • Crime Junkie has a PDF of information that should be shared with a few trusted people in case something bad happens to you.
    • The folder contains information such as passwords or anything that might be helpful for investigators.

True Crime Podcasts I Love

What do you guys think? Do you guys like True Crime? 

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