Turn Your Desk into Your Dream Workspace

Today on Sorority Scoop, we will discuss how to transform your desk at home and turn it into your dream workspace. 

Some of us, college girls, are unable to return to our dorms due to the pandemic and are doing school from home. Our desks are now where we will be spending the majority of our time. Whether it be doing homework, attending a zoom class, or studying, our office will be our primary workspace. 

No one wants to sit at a boring desk all day that doesn’t motivate you to work hard. Here are just a few tips on how you can create your dream workspace. 

It’s time for a desk makeover!


1. Find the Right Planner

Having a planner is a real lifesaver! But finding one is no easy task. You must find one that works for you and your way of organizing.

2. Add Greenery

Adding greenery to your workspace is a game-changer. It is so beautiful and adds life to a usually lifeless area. Whether it be real or fake, plants are a sight to behold. 

3. Organize Based on Color 

A fun way to organize papers and notebooks is by color-coding. By doing this, it is easier to find your documents.

4. Add a Cute Pillow to Your Desk Chair 

Adding a pillow to your desk chair is such a cute and comfy accent to any workspace. 

5. Add a Cork Board or White Board 

Adding a cork board allows for extra space to post sticky notes or essential information. Whiteboards are also a great way to write your todo lists and have them up in a visible place. Not to mention, adding fun drawings is always a plus!

6. Write Your Goals Down in a Visible Place 

Writing down your goals and posting them up on a wall, in a visible place, is a great way to add a reminder to your daily routine. 


7. Clean Out the Inside of Your Desk

Cleaning out the inside of your desk will make you feel less cluttered inside your head and allow more space for thinking about a test or task. 

8. Make a Studying Playlist 

Not everyone likes to listen to music while they work, but if you are someone who does, this is a crucial must! Studying playlists can have classical music, relaxing sounds, or anything you like to listen to while doing work. Check out our article on some recommended playlists! 

9. Add a Desk Lamp or Move Your Desk Near a Window 

Adding a desk lamp or placing your desk near a window will change your desk game! Having proper lighting is excellent for your eyes and your productivity. 

10. Make it yours!

Everyone is different. Everyone has different styles and ways of doing their work. Take these tips and make them yours! Be sure to share with us on social media @entscoop! We’d love to see your transformed desks! 

Check out our article on how you can transform you room.

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