Universal Horror Nights Officially Cancelled


It’s official. Universal Halloween Horror Nights has been cancelled due to COVID-19. I can’t say I’m surprised. It was honestly the right thing to do. But, it is okay to be sad. As a person who has a tradition to go every single year, I am sad about it. I mean, even if they didn’t cancel it, I wouldn’t have gone. It would have been too risky…and stupid. 

I received the email notifying me on July 24th. After waking up, I checked my email and there it was.


I was always super excited to see what the mazes’ themes would be. The sets always look beautiful and gruesome. The scare actors are always amazing too. Even if they didn’t manage to scare me, I was always impressed with their ability to stay in character. The whole event was kind of an ode to all things creepy, scary and thrilling. It was amazing being able to get an in person experience of one of your favorite movies or shows. 

Hopefully, when we live in a pandemic free world, we will be able to enjoy it again. So, everyone better be taking this pandemic seriously. Wear a mask and stay home if you can or one of the characters from one of my favorite horror films will come after you. XOXO

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