Sexy and Sweet Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Make This Holiday

If you’re looking to have a creative and romantic Valentine’s Day, try out some holiday themed cocktails! After picking out the perfect card and chocolate heart, the final touch is a tasty and romantic cocktail. 

Love Potion Cocktail

The perfect drink for seducing and romancing your loved one is the Love Potion Cocktail.” Add some blackberry simple syrup to your  champagne to add some sweetness and flavor. The syrup also turns the champagne into a beautiful pink color to set the vibe. Add some fresh blackberries to garnish and enjoy!

Giggle Juice

A great way to break the ice and get comfortable with your date is with “Giggle Juice.” Dip your cocktail class in water and then coat the rim with sugar to prep. Mix Moscato, lemonade and vodka to get the laughing started. Add some ice, lemon and strawberries to garnish!

Single Ladies Sangria

Single ladies don’t worry! This cocktail is made specifically for you and your girlfriends! Combine rose, seltzer, pomegranate juice, vodka and raspberry liqueur. Add some strawberries and raspberries on top and you’re ready to start celebrating your galentine’s day!

Chocolate Strawberry Jell-O Shots

If you thought chocolate covered strawberries were impressive, check out these chocolate covered strawberry Jell-O shots. Slice the tops and tips off the strawberries so they can stand up on their own. Gently scoop out the middle of the strawberry and then dip them into melted chocolate. 

While your chocolate covered strawberries are hardening in the fridge, make the Jell-O filling. Mix together boiling water, Jell-O and the alcohol of your choice. Then pour in your Jell-O filling and wait for them to to chill! 

Red Wine Milkshakes

Milkshakes and wine together? Count us in! Blend together vanilla ice cream, red wine and vodka until smooth. Garnish your shake with whipped cream and a cherry. This cocktail is simple, but delicious. 

Triple Berry Martini

This cocktail is a perfect way to show off to your date. The Triple Berry Martini has a beautiful deep purple color with strawberry hearts and dry ice to add that magical effect. Combine pomegranate juice, strawberry vodka, and Chambord in a shaker and shake it up. 

Then add a small piece of dry ice to a martini glass, use tongs when holding the dry ice and pour the mixture directly over the ice. This will make a smoking effect! Don’t forget to add some strawberries in the shape of a heart to garnish to top it all off. 

Which drink will you be creating this Valentine’s Day? Drop a comment below and let us know if you will be crafting up one of our cocktails!

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