Vanity Fair Heats Up The Academy

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Billie Eilish arrives at the Vanity Fair Party.

[Photo Credits: Vanity Fair]

By: Jordan Oliver

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party is known for having the biggest names, from all walks of entertainment. A martini fueled night that celebrates the Academy Award winners and nominees just minutes after the Oscars. From movies and music, to sports and television, all the big name people you’d expect showed up to mingle and cut loose this past Sunday. Stars that would never meet, otherwise, get a chance to rub elbows and connect after hours of sitting through the illustrious award ceremony. Since 1994, Vanity Fair has been hosting this highly popular after party that has become known as, “The Only Place to be,” after the Academy Awards. Though not an easy task to obtain an invitation, once you are in, you are in, and there is no VIP section to separate you from wild arrangement of people.

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Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart 

[Photo Credits: Vanity Fair]

Guests entered via the main entrance of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and were directed through a specially constructed corridor, featuring eight floor to ceiling photographs by Ethan James Green, who photographed Vanity Fair’s 2020 Hollywood Issue. Off to the red carpet. The 70-foot-long press area, which served as the primary press backdrop for guest arrivals, featured a powder blue-grey carpet and a custom-built photo backdrop of 8-foot-high three-dimensional lettering in silver, overlaid onto an illuminated wood paneled wall stained in a deep blue green emerald tone. After the carpet, guests were free to roam the multiple party zones. The Central Pavilion was the first thing they saw. A 7,000 square foot Central Glass Pavilion featured a 30-foot-high glass wall facing Beverly Hills City Hall, was specifically illuminated to serve as a dramatic and historic backdrop to the entire event. The interior of the space was anchored by four large-scale Olive Trees around which benches were constructed to create an ‘indoor park.’ The perimeter wood paneled walls featured large scale black and white photographs by Ethan James Green and custom-made pink neon signage to direct guests to the various perimeter areas. Overhead, a ceiling treatment fashioned from fabric panels wound its way through the trees and was illuminated in a variety of colors throughout the evening. Multiple studios to take pictures and videos for guest entertainment were scattered around.

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Minnie Driver and Billy Porter

[Photo Credits: Vanity Fair]

Besides the beautiful set up, the food and bar was what the celebrities really came for. A stunning dining room awaited the hungry guest, with hors d’oeuvres and dinner created by Frenchette, New York.  The dining room featured cream banquettes built into a circular wood paneled room punctuated by eight 65” flat screens built into the perimeter. Following the dinner, the room was transformed into the Spotify Music Lounge where DJ Mateo played his custom-curated VF Oscar Party playlist. Alcohol kept the party rolling as the recently, redesigned whisky bar served as an integral part of the pavilion. When all your favorite celebrities were full and drunk, they could make their way to the Departure Lounge on Santa Monica Blvd, where an Uber concierge desk was available for all guests. Coffee by Café Integral and late-night snacks by Frenchette were available to guests in the lounge. A star filled night, filled with some of the highest quality food and alcohol you can find in the world, but the California staple In-N-Out burger was served over the course of the party.

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