Voting, but Make it Fashion!

The November election is around the corner. The election for the 2020 presidential race is like no other. Everyone is getting involved, even fashion designers and celebrities.

Famous designers such as Micheal Kors, Steuart Weitzman, and singer Lizzo want you to exercise your right to vote in style.


Michael Kors & Quay


Michael Kors came out with a new shirt that reads, “Your Voice Matters,” in collaboration with the brand FKSP. Bella Hadid even posted a picture wearing the shirt to promote youth voting. 100% of the profits support the NAACP, America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice.

Singer Lizzo collaborated with the Australian sunglasses brand, Quay, on a mask that says “VOTE” on it. The mask is named “Speak Out,” and all proceeds will also go to the NAACP and a fund to protect elections and lift warriors to voting in the United States.


Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama made waves during her speech at the Democratic Convention, not just with her speech but also with her necklace. She wore a simple gold necklace with four little letters on it that read, VOTE. The chain quickly went viral, and the company that sells the necklace had to hire two new employees to maintain all of its new orders. Various websites also sell very similar necklaces.


Stewart Weitzman


Stewart Weitzman came out with boots that read “VOTE” along the leg in a large font. These are such a statement maker and draw attention to their message. The shoes go all the way up to the knee and are perfect for the fall.

Overall, fashion has become an avenue for people to express themselves and their views. Wearing a shirt is no longer just a garment, but it is a statement maker. Clothing has the power to spread messages and advocate for causes that matter to oneself.

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