Ways to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Fun!

Long distance sucks. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. As someone who is currently in a long distance relationship, I find it difficult to keep things exciting and new! However, if your creative date nights can still happen in a long distance relationship! You can still get that experience of a date, even when you two are miles apart!

Since you don’t get the excitement and giddiness that comes along with being together,  here is a list of ways to keep your long distance relationship fun from afar!

Movie Night

Using Netflix Party, you can host a movie night, just as if you were together. You can also start TV shows together, and watch one episode a week. Movie and TV nights are a fun way to watch the same thing together, and hop on a Facetime right after to talk about it with each other.

This is a perfect long distance date night, that is very similar to being together, as it creates shared experiences for conversation!

Pinterest Board Night

If you both share a love for Pinterest, this one is for you! Make each other Pinterest boards about potential date nights when you are back together, style ideas, mood boards, or future home décor.

You then can even go on Zoom and reveal your boards to each other! It’s a super fun way to show off our personal style and learn more about one another! 

PowerPoint Night

This has been a trend on TikTok with friends for awhile, but it is also fun with your significant other! Choose a random topic, something fun like debunking a conspiracy theory or the hottest Disney DILFs, and create a PowerPoint about it!

Grab a drink, make some food, and reveal the PowerPoints to each other over Zoom! This date night will give you both a good laugh!

Make Each Other Playlists

Long distance is hard, and it’s nice to turn to music when you miss each other. Making each  other multiple playlists is a sweet way to be reminded of one another.

Some playlists ideas that you could make include a playlist for a rainy day when you miss each other, a playlist of your monthly favorites, a playlist that reminds you of your significant other or a playlist that reminds you of a memory together!

Sending Care Packages

Surprising your significant other with a care package is a super sweet and exciting way to let  them know that you are thinking of them! You can fill your care package with snacks, books, pictures, a sweatshirt of yours, or anything that will remind them of you.

This is a really sweet way to bring yourself into the home of your long distance significant other, and make them even more excited to see you in the future.

Cook the Same Recipe and Eat it Together

If you are looking for a nicer date night, maybe for an anniversary or special occasion, we recommend picking a recipe together, each cooking it separately, and eating it over Facetime! You can even dress up and make it feel like a real date!

There’s a certain rush and excitement that comes along with having a date night together, and this idea helps recreate that feeling.

What are some fun ideas that you use in your long distance relationship? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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