Dating Apps

Love Hacks: A Look at Dating Apps

Dating Apps

Quarantine has been a lonely time for everyone. Sometimes you just need that little time killer or loneliness filler. That’s when you download dating apps! You might be in luck and find love on an app!

If you want to find love, or just a hookup, we’ve got the information for you!


Tinder is by far one of the most popular dating apps. It’s a quick swipe and type once you find someone you want to match with! They even have an option for you to use when you’re on campus called TinderU, where you can connect to college students in your area. You might not want to use this app if you’re looking for a real relationship. Most of the time, people use this for quick hookups or friends with benefits. You might find some people from your hometown you’ve been trying to avoid here, so watch out.


Dating Apps

It’s Tinder for the LGBTQ+ community! Grindr definitely has more of a hookup culture connected to it. On college campuses, most times, this dating app contains a lot more blank pictures than full profiles. This one is definitely good if you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but bigger on hookups than on dating!


Dating Apps

This app is so for the girls! This is another swipe and type sort of app, except the girls get to message first! Girls have 24-hours to answer the guys, if they’re interested. If not, then the match expires. It’s pretty easy. You might have to scrape through a few hookups to find a person looking for a real relationship, but you’re bound to find one here! There are also options like BumbleFriends and BumbleBusiness, which are good for general connections!

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating was released pretty recently and can either be a huge hit or miss. On the bright side, you can meet mutual friends that you never thought you’d click with. On the not so bright side, you can have your profile changed to “Open to Dating” and have a bunch of your friends you wouldn’t think to date match with ou and maybe make things really awkward. Be mindful!


Hinge is like Tinder’s younger sister, but definitely made more for dating! You have to answer a series of question via swipes, which builds your profile. This gives other people a chance to see stuff and not have a really awkward and unwanted convo about yourself or the other person. 


Dating Apps

Tired of going into the the dating game by yourself? Want your friends to be able to set you up with people? Then this is the app for you! Ship for sure has more of a date culture feel to it, as you have the ability to allow friends to put you and someone else together, based on their visions and understandings of your taste and who you are!

There are plenty more dating apps out there for both iOS and Android, but these are the most popular ones! Make sure you understand what each app is mostly used for and what you want out of them before downloading! Always be safe when going on dates and have a friend come with you and stay in a nearby booth, or let your friends know where you are before going on a random date!

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