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Getting ghosted happens to the best of us.Ghosting has become such a common phenomenon, especially with the rise of online dating. Ghosting is so normalized, that there is even an MTV realty TV, “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing,” dedicated to figuring out what went wrong. 

Whether you’re in the Tinder talking stage, or have gone on a few dates, being ghosted sucks and can often leave you feeling unsure of yourself. While ghosting is seen as an unhealthy way to deal with a situation, sometimes it does carry a deeper message.

We compiled some of the most common explanations as to why people get ghosted!

Expectations Don’t Match

Sometimes two people hit it off initially, then halfway through realize that their intentions don’t align at all. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship and they’re in it for the hookups, or vice versa, this is pretty much a dead end.

No point pursuing someone who won’t ever be on the same page as you, right? Well, apparently they thought so. It’s okay – dust yourself off, and leave knowing that they saved you more pain in the future.

You Struck a Nerve

Think back, did you say something insensitive? Something you probably shouldn’t have? When you’re just getting to know someone it can be difficult to read them so you may not  have a good understanding of what their insecurities are, or what topics are off-limit.

There may be a chance you unknowingly hit a soft-spot, and it was an immediate red flag for them. Ideally, it would benefit both parties if it were talked out, but unfortunately that’s not how getting ghosted works.

They’re Just Not Into

If the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” taught us one thing, it’s that that excuse may be the actual truth! Although this sucks to hear, sometimes it’s just as simple as that: they weren’t really as into you as they appeared to be. Remember, whether or not they lose interest is something you cannot control from your side. Don’t let it shake your confidence; someone else will dig your energy and think you’re worth holding onto.

They’re Going Through It

A situation where everything seemed to be going smoothly, and then you were just hit with radio silence, may not be your fault at all. This is one of the scenarios where it’s actually them and not you. Maybe they’re going through a rough time, or they encountered a sudden personal issue. At any rate, it’s not something you could have foreseen or that you could really fix. This isn’t on you at all.

No Rapport 

There’s nothing more awkward then trying to keep a romantic conversation going, when the spark isn’t there. Perhaps the two of you just have nothing in common, or your texting styles don’t match. Either way, the conversation kept fizzling out and there was likely no chemistry here.

Maybe you sensed it too, but were too polite to pull the plug on them. In this case, you’re probably neither too hurt nor surprised that it ended with one of you ghosting the other. Take it as a win, and move on to the next.

What are your thoughts on getting ghosted? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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