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With “The Bachelorette” season finale happening next week, it’s time to look back at what might be the most important season in Bachelor nation history.

This season was like no other. Changing bachelorette’s mid-season from Clare Crawley, 39, to Tayshia Adams, 30, was something that we’ve never seen before but beyond that, this season went places the show has never been before.


When the beautiful Tayshia Adams stepped in as the new bachelorette, this made her the second black bachelorette since Rachel Lindsay in 2017.

It was long over due to get a black lead in the first place, so having Adams show more representation is a great step in the right direction. What makes Adams’ season unique is the conversation regarding race that is being openly shown on the show.

This season, we saw Adams and contestant, Ivan Hall, 28, have an emotional conversation over police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. The show has yet to show us a serious conversation regarding race and to have it shown in a time like now is so impactful.

The audience got to witness Adams and Hall share what it’s like being black in this country right now. This honest conversation highlighted racial issues that are necessary for all of us to understand

This was a reminder that the people we are seeing on TV are actual humans being affected by issues so many of us could never relate to. This turn from the usual light heartedness of the show was much needed.

Opening Up

Another defining factor of the season is the way some of the men opened up and got personal discussing issues the franchise hadn’t touched before.

Zac Clark, 36, courageously shared his story about addiction. Clark, who is now an addiction specialist, got candid about becoming addicted to his prescription pain pills.

Clark started a recovery program that helps people get back into the world after rehab. Detailing his rode to sobriety, Clark is truly an inspiration.

Army Veteran, Ben Smith, 29, is another of this season’s fan favorites who got real in a way that shocked us all.

Smith broke his walls down on a date with Adams where he admitted that he suffered from bulimia. Explaining how much he struggled, Smith further revealed that he attempted suicide two times and it was his sister who saved his life.

Smith opening up about going through these two incredibly difficult situations speaks volumes. One look at Smith and he look likes the stereotypical masculine man. For someone that looks like him, an army veteran at that, to open up and share that men struggle with these issues too, is beyond important.

Men are expected to suffer in silence, seeing these issues being addressed on national television is needed to change this narrative.

The Future

What we saw on this season of “The Bachelorette” shows that this franchise has room to grow.

We can’t wait to see Matt James make history as the first black bachelor next season.

Mixing the usual fun and loving tone of the show with serious real world issues is what is needed from now on. These vulnerable moments were the most memorable of the season and make watching much more meaningful.

We hope we see more important issues addressed in future seasons, and can’t wait to see how Adams’ story will end next week on the finale!

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