Who Will Take Home The Grammy For ‘Album of the Year’?

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By: Alyssa Naumann

With the 62nd GRAMMY Awards taking place this Sunday, Jan. 26, let’s take a look at the  albums nominated for Album Of The Year. This year’s nominated albums are i,i by Bon Iver, Norman F***ing Rockwell! by Lana Del Rey, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? by Billie Eilish, thank you, next by Ariana Grande, I Used To Know Her by H.E.R., 7 by Lil Nas X, Cuz I Love You by Lizzo and Father Of The Bride by Vampire Weekend

Bon Iver’s fourth studio album, i,i, is in the running for Album Of The Year. The indie folk band won their last GRAMMY in 2011 for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album. They also released a documentary short last year discussing the i,i album. With songs like “Hey, Ma,” which is also nominated for record of the year, Bon Iver is making a reappearance at the GRAMMYs, after the bands last appearance three years ago. 

Lana Del Rey has had four GRAMMY nominations in the past. Now, her album Norman F***ing Rockwell! is up for Album Of The Year and the song “Norman F***ing Rockwell!” is up for song of the year. Lana Del Rey’s album is like one long lullaby, a common theme in a lot of her music. It’s an elegant album that beautifully demonstrates Lana Del Rey’s talent through each note and complex lyrics. 

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Billie Eilish is making her first GRAMMY appearance with six nominations. Most notably, Eilish is the youngest artist to be nominated for all four of the GRAMMYs top four categories. Among those nominations is the Album Of The Year award, where Eilish’s album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is a contestant. The album is the biggest North American debut of the decade. It hit Number 1 on the Billboard 200 in the U.S. two weeks after the albums release in March and was at the top of the charts for weeks after. Eilish’s album might just earn her the great honor of winning this prestigious award. 

Ariana Grande’s album in the running, thank you, next, dropped almost a year ago. Hit songs from the album, “7 rings” and “thank you, next,” have been nominated for their own GRAMMYs this year. The thank you, next album is very personal for Grande, with songs in homage to late rapper Mac Miller and ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. This album was a hit from the moment it was released and has a chance of winning Grande another GRAMMY. 

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R&B artist, H.E.R., won two GRAMMYs last year. Now, her album I Used To Know Her is up for Album Of The Year. The album consists of songs from her EPs I Used To Know Her: The Prelude and I Used To Know Her: Part 2 along with five other songs. 

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and its remix with Billy Ray Cyrus were at the top of the charts this summer. The song is part of Lil Nas X’s album, 7, which is a nominee for the award. Lil Nas X is a first time GRAMMY nominee this year, with six nominations. While a lot of Lil Nas X’s success came from his Tik Tok challenge last year, the record-breaking song could earn Lil Nas X his first GRAMMY.

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This is Lizzo’s first year being nominated for a GRAMMY. She was nominated for eight GRAMMY awards— a pretty impressive first GRAMMY appearance. Lizzo’s album, Cuz I Love You is in the running for the award, with songs like “Like A Girl” and “Juice” contributing to the album. Out of her eight nominations, will Lizzo walk away with the Album Of The Year GRAMMY award?

Finally, Vampire Weekend’s album, Father Of The Bride, is also up for the award. They won their first GRAMMY in 2013, and this album is their first project in almost six years. The album features contributors like Danielle Haim, Steve Lacy, and former Vampire Weekend member, Rostam Batmanglij.

As the music industry’s most coveted award, the Album Of The Year award is up for grabs between these eight artists. So who will have the honor of taking it home? Find out Sunday during the 2020 GRAMMYs.

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