Women-Hosted Podcasts to Start Streaming

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. If you’re one of the many people beginning to listening to podcasts, it can be hard to know where to start.

These women hosted podcasts exude some totally amazing content just waiting to be streamed!

‘Chatty Broads’

Hosted by Jess Ambrose and Bachelor Nation’s very own, Bekah Martinez, this podcast covers a variety of topics from the point of view of two self proclaimed broads.

“A couple of opinionated broads hold nothing back in their arguably uncomfortable, occasionally serious, and undeniably funny chats,” reads the podcast description.

Ambrose and Martinez get candid about motherhood, sex, spirituality and social issues.

On the other hand, the ladies often dish out some reality TV tea. Martinez’ first hand experience with “The Bachelor, ” makes their recaps and tea spilling sessions all the more worth the listen.

‘Sofia with an F’

After her drama filled departure from the popular podcast “Call Her Daddy,” Sofia Franklyn started her own podcast and we were not disappointed.

Franklyn shows her maturity and growth coming from her old podcast into her new one and it is refreshing to hear her in a new light. While the 28-year-old makes it a priority to have weekly mental heath check ins, she’s also kept her wild and crazy personality that got her popular in the first place.

Franklyn does not hold back, sharing her wild sex, dating and party stories that are frankly hilarious. Every episode will leave you in the best mood as Franklyn recalls her crazy antics and let’s her guests reveal their scandalous stories of their own.

‘Pour Minds’

Lex P. and Drea Nicole give us a front seat to their friendship as the two best friends drink wine, and discuss pop culture topics, as well as their own personal lives.

What makes “Pour Minds” worth the listen is the authenticity both hosts showcase. While many hosts force a friendship or seem scripted, this dynamic duo are proof that real and natural star quality shines through.

“Pour Minds” gets juicy, as the pair often share dating stories including anonymous high profile men. Who doesn’t love a bit of harmless gossip?

Young Old

Sister’s Dana and Eve Donnelly give us the ultimate millennial/ gen z crossover podcast, as they discuss just about every random topic they come up with.

“Young Old” is a crash course on gen z humor.

With the running joke that older sister Dana is kept young by gen z sister Eve, the ladies give their personal perspectives coming from two different generations.

The hilarious duo isn’t afraid to be unapologetically feminist. The two dive deep and do not censor themselves when discussing issues women’s face and their candidness makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with friends.

Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown

Actress Mayim Bialik’s podcast discusses everything mental health related.

Beyond being a successful actress, Bialik also has a PhD in Neuroscience which makes every episode so useful, informative and resourceful. Each episode gives a new perspective on mental health as the show’s guests get real about their own struggles.

Bialik is not afraid to dive deep into her own journey with mental health which makes her even more of a relatable host.

Bialik is helping remove the mental health stigma and “breaking it down so [we] don’t have to!”

WHOREible Decisions

The ultimate sex podcast, “WHOREible Decisions,” dives deep into all types of sex, including just about every kink in the book.

Hosts Mandiii B and WeezyWTF went from corporate employees to running one of the most real, comical and informative sex podcasts out there today. This podcast is not for the faint of heart and gets raunchy with Vice calling it, “one of the hottest…. raciest, rawest podcasts on the internet.”

The duo made it clear that this podcast is a safe space for women of color, especially black women, to be able to learn, hear and explore all aspects of sex.

What makes “WHOREible Decisions” even better is the inclusivity. The comedy podcast makes a point to be inclusive and educational, and features a widely diverse set of guests.

Which of these podcasts is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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