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Feeling a bit lonely? Is Covid-19 making you feel like you don’t have any friends? With the holidays around the corner during these uncertain times it can be extra hard, if not impossible, to fly home to family or find plans with friends for this holiday season. Well you are not alone! A large number of girls feel friendless during this time, and are doing something about it! Here are some tips on how you can connect with new girlfriends!

Reach Out on Instagram

DM’s aren’t just for dating or trying to flirt with someone! DM’s can be for meeting new friends too! Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who shares similar interests with you and just start conversation. You can slide up on a story and start a conversation over things that you both have in common. From there see where things go and maybe eventually make plans as new found friends!

Join a Networking Page!

There are pages and avenues on social media where you can meet girls that have the same interests as you. “Social Girls in Los Angeles” is an amazing place where you can meet new girls and connect with people that live in the LA area. There are also so many other online pages that are made for people to connect with one another. These can be found on Facebook and even Instagram.

Make Twitter Friends

Twitter is such a fun social media site to make friends. You can make friends with a girl that you both have similar styles, similar humor or even follow the same celebs. Twitter is a social media site where you can share your personality, so it is a great way to see someone’s interests and try to get to know them. You can either start a thread with someone or even send them a DM to break the ice.Complimenting someone is always a great way to start off a friendship, or even just ask them about something that they tweeted!

Make TikTok Friends

Making TikTok friends is the new biggest thing. You can make friends on TikTok by dueting someone, DMing someone, or even just commenting on someone’s content. There are endless amounts of people on TikTok and friends can come quicker than you think. TikTok is an excellent app to find like minded girls because content creators on this app are now making mini communities based on interests! Some girls are creating their own little circle of followers and friends that all like fashion, all are trying to be influencers, or are all interested in makeup. You can go on this app and find your own little niche of people that have a lot in common with you!

Reconnect with Old Friends

Reconnecting with old friends is never a bad idea. Sometimes we can be all in our heads about a certain relationship, but maybe that friend would like to reconnect as well. This holiday season reach out to your old gal pals and see if rekindling a past friendship is something you both are interested in! You will never know unless you try!

All in all, don’t be shy to make friends. Everyone is going through the same if not similar things and it is a great time to make an internet friend! 

What are some of the ways that you connect with new friends? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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