Your Guide to Nike Air Jordan 1’s

Nike Air Jordan 1’s are the new hit shoe. Everyone is wearing them. Do you want to hop on the trend but don’t know where to start? This is your guide to everything Nike Air Jordan 1’s!

Where do I buy them?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Now that Air Jordan’s have become very popular, they are more accessible. You can find them online at resale stores, department or athletic shoe stores, or even smaller sneaker stores. The resale stores tend to be the most expensive. Be sure that you pay attention to the box and the shoe images to make sure that they are authentic before purchasing.

What do I wear them with?

These shoes are for anyone and everyone! No matter what your style is, anyone can rock these shoes. Many people think that to wear them you have to have a more “street style,” but that is all wrong! Even girly girls are hopping on this trend. You can wear them with baggy cargo pants and an oversized t-shirt or even a mini dress.

Investing in taller socks is worth it when buying in Air Jordan’s because the sock peeking out of the top of them is the look!

Which ones do I buy?

This all depends on your style and preference. They have a style and color for any aesthetic. The colors and styles range from dark black to white and even to light pink shoes. The top-selling shoes are the Obsidians, the Tie-dye, and the Turbo Green’s.

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