Your Personal ATL Itinerary Awaits You

By Grace Bain 

Well, well, well. You’ve found yourself in the Peach State. 

If you happen to find yourself in Atlanta for more than just an airport visit (and yes, we do have the greatest airport in the world, thanks to Delta), here’s some experiences you need to check out: 

1. OK Cafe

This place is an absolute classic. Very tacky inside, for sure, but the food offers a great taste of the South. Highly recommend the chicken pot pie, fried pickles, milkshakes (any flavor will do) and the pot roast. You really can’t go wrong with any of the menu options, though. 


2. Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market provides some intense competition for other city-famous markets found in America. The restaurants are all greatly decorated to match their delicious food options, and the shops provide you with something other to do than eat. The most fun part of PCM, however, is the Roof. It is set up like a fair and probably the best hang-out spot in the whole city. There’s mini golf, a giant slide, carnival games and a bar overlooking the city. In other words, there’s really something for everyone here. 

  1. The Battery

The Battery is a poppin’ new spot that hosts the Atlanta Braves at Suntrust Stadium. The area is very fresh and perfect for eating, shopping and chilling out. Eat at Fox Bros BBQ and your experience will be 10/10.

4. The Georgia Aquarium

This Atlanta stop is a necessity. I worked here as an intern once, so I may have a little bit of bias, but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be astounded by the many amazing sights to be had in the nation’s largest aquarium. It’s also home to the only whale sharks outside of Asia! 

5. Skyview Atlanta

Looking for more views of the entire city? You can’t go wrong with Skyview Atlanta, Atlanta’s take on the London Eye. It’s a very romantic experience, but you don’t need a significant other to take part. 

6. Centennial Olympic Park

Atlanta is proud to have hosted the 1996 Olympics. If it’s a super hot day during your visit to the city, I recommend pulling an “Endless Love” (the Alex Pettyfer version) and prancing about the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park. Sometimes the park also has food trucks, and a trip to the South is never complete without eating lots of food.

7. Il Localino

This Italian joint is beyond amazing. I recommend the whole menu, honestly. If you go on the later side, you may be lucky enough to participate in the party – hats are given out, the lights and music get spunky, and they won’t let you leave without some pretty flowers. Wine and dessert are also necessary for the full Atlanta experience. 

8. Piedmont Park

I highly encourage bringing your dogs to prance around in the dog park! If you don’t have dogs, exercise or relax in the rest of the park. Piedmont Park provides gorgeous city views, vast clean-cut fields, various eateries and a nice large pond to overlook. Bring some bread to feed the ducks.

9. Willy’s

Every Atlanta native knows about this one. It’s the first meal you get after being away from the city for more than a few days. An iconic twist on Chipotle’s brand, Willy’s will satisfy your tastebuds for weeks. 

10. South City Kitchen

Fancy southern eats. Make sure to get the biscuits to start. That’s all I am going to say.

11. Phipps Plaza

Boujee stores and an AMC movie theater – definitely a 10/10 experience to be had here. While you may not actually purchase anything here unless you happen to be a millionaire, you’ll still enjoy strutting from shop to shop before or after enjoying a movie in AMC’s reclining seats. 

12. Lenox

Looking to actually buy things? Go to Lenox, Atlanta’s best mall. After continuous construction and rebuilding, Lenox (almost) provides the same fancy vibes that Phipps does. 

13. High Museum

For those that like looking at art, you must stop by the High. It was a field trip favorite when I was growing up, but I still enjoy going with friends to enjoy the works of various geniuses. 

14. Atlantic Station

I love this area in both the summer and winter (they have a huge Christmas tree and ice rink set up during the cold months). It’s the perfect spot for shopping, eating, and lounging around all at once. Like Phipps, there’s also a movie theater at Atlantic Station, but that shouldn’t be your sole reason for making a visit. Shopping and eating are the greatest activities to be had here. 

15. Bar Taco

Tacos. Margs. The best guacamole in the world. Go here, especially if you’ve never been. Both Marietta Street and Roswell Road are great locations. 

16. The Shops of Buckhead

Another boujee area perfect for showing off how nice and clean Atlanta is. Yes, I am proud of my city. Lots of rooftop restaurants here – from Shake Shack to Gypsy Kitchen. The stores are expensive like in Phipps, but they are fun to at least browse in. Overall, a visit to Buckhead is a fantastic way to spend time in the city.

17. Sundial

For my final Atlanta activity, I am including Sundial, a restaurant on the 73rd floor of the Westin Hotel. It provides a beautiful 360 degree view of Atlanta, and the food (updated seasonally) is spectacular enough to make the views even that much sweeter.

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