YouTuber Colleen Ballinger Posts Gender Reveal of Her Twins

Swearing she will never be pregnant again after a rough pregnancy with her son Flynn, Youtube star Colleen Ballinger is now pregnant with twins.

Ballinger announced the sex of her babies in a YouTube video. She explains that the gender reveal of twins is different than normal. In the early stages, doctors can only tell if there are two girls, or, if they can tell that there is a boy, they cannot tell what the gender of the other baby is. Confusing, right?

Through a blood test, Ballinger learns that she is having a boy, but won’t find out for another month what the sex of the other baby is. Impatient and wanting to know, Ballinger pays and find out the sex.

colleen ballinger
Credit: Instagram via Colleen Ballinger

The Reveal

Ballinger found out the sex of the other baby, baby B, but wanted to keep it a surprise so she could tell her family and friends in a fun way. Ballinger set up a scavenger hunt, in where her family went around the house searching for clues. The hunt ultimately led to them finding confetti poppers which revealed the genders. The first poppers were for baby A, which revealed a boy! 

The family did the same thing again, and from the clues they found where the other poppers were. When popping the confetti for the second time, they revealed that baby B is a girl! Everyone was so excited, but Ballinger’s mom was definitely the most ecstatic. She was running frantically around the house trying to find the clues, and was overjoyed when finding out the genders. It is so cute how excited she was!

Credit: Instagram via Colleen Ballinger

The Babies

At the end of the exciting reveal, Ballinger gave an update of each of the babies. She talked about the babies personalities, and how crazy it is that she can tell them apart – they are so different!  She said that the little boy, baby A,  is very angelic. “He’s always like perfectly posed for the camera…he’s like always nuzzled into me and seems like shy and sweet and adorable”, Ballinger says about baby A. When it comes to baby B, Ballinger says, “This girl seems like a handful. She’s already so funny”. 

We are so excited for Colleen, and can’t wait to meet the babies and see if their personalities match up with what they are now! Can’t wait to see how these two get along with Flynn, and we know that Ballinger will be such a great mom of three! 

Do you think Colleen Ballinger will have more kids? We hope so! Drop a comment down below and tell us what you think!

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