Does Zac Efron Have a New Boo?!?!

I know the majority of the people reading this and the entirety of the people writing this had a crush on Zac Efron at one point in their life. Don’t lie, we get it. So apparently, Zac Efron is dating someone and no one thought to tell me?? I mean, they could be friends, so maybe there’s no cause for concern. 

Whatever the case may be, the lucky lady is the beautiful Australian model, Vanessa Valladares! The two have been seen out together but maybe they just aren’t big fans of PDA. 

Earlier this year, Zac was reportedly dating actress, Halston Sage. Not much is known about the new possible couple but whatever the case may be, we hope that the two are happy! We’ll continue to keep you posted on all things Zac Efron too! 

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