Zoë Kravits Files for Divorce From Karl Gusman

Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman are over. Zoë has officially filed for divorce from her husband after only 18 months of marriage.

The Couple’s History

They began seeing each other in October 2016 and were later married in June 2019. The news of their engagement was announced during Zoë’s 2018 Rolling Stone interview.  

“Oh yeah, I’m engaged. I haven’t told anyone yet – I mean, I haven’t told the world. I wanted to keep it private,” she stated during the interview when talking about her ring. 

The 32-year-old actor has originally planned on proposing in Paris, where they got married in 2019, but ended up popping the big question in their living room, according to PEOPLE. 

“He nailed it. And I love that it wasn’t this elaborate plan in Paris. It was at home, in sweatpants. I think I was a little drunk. I could feel his heart beating so fast – I was like, ‘Baby, are you okay?’ I was actually worried about him!” 

About a year later, they were married in Paris. The couple shared their vows at her father’s home, Lenny Kravitz in 2019. 

The couple celebrated their one-year marriage anniversary this summer and Zoë made a black-and-white Instagram post captioned, “one year.” Karl also celebrated their anniversary with an Instagram post (has  since been deleted) and called his wife his “best friend.” 

“One year. *🌀‼️❔*🌀❕Not the year we expected… but I feel like if we can make it through this, we can take on anything. I love you. More than anything,” he wrote.

“You’re my best friend… you crack me up and you melt my heart… you call me out on my bulls— and you challenge me to grow… I love you for that. And I’ll do anything and everything for you until the day I die. Now let’s go save the world @zoeisabellakravitz.”

Trouble in Paradise

Unfortunately, something went wrong and the 32-year-old “Big Little Lies” actress filed for divorce from her husband. According to PEOPLE, Zoë filed the paperwork on December 23, 2020. 

On the same day, Zoë posted a meme on her social media to represent her “Mood” as she captioned the image. The meme was of a drag queen throwing a bag of trash into a dumpster and the trash bag was labeled, “people, places, and things that no longer serve my greatest and highest good.” 

While the news about divorce is sad and unfortunate, it’s important that Zoë and Karl do whatever they need to stay happy and healthy. 

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